QuiverGrip 2.0 – ProPack Review

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QuiverGrip is a modern and unobtrusive surfboard storage solution that began life as a Kickstarter campaign. With the concept thoroughly proven and 5,000 units shipped, the team at QuiverGrip refined the design and released a new and improved version 2.0 of the product.

At surfd.com we’re always interested in reviewing products that improve the surfing experience. That’s why we were looking forward to giving QuiverGrip a try.

Watch the QuiverGrip 2.0 ProPack video review

In the video below our handywoman installs the QuiverGrip 2.0 in around 5 minutes. It seriously is that easy. As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Inside the box

The box arrived in a rectangular box, not much longer than your forearm. Seems way to small for a surfboard storage solution, right? Wrong.

The ProPack includes:

  • Three QuiverGrip units
  • One Q-Rail
  • Non-slip, Neoprene board Mat
  • Screws and anchors

What makes QuiverGrip unique is the actual gripping mechanism. Shaped like a hungry PacMan, or perhaps a piranha floating on it’s side, these little suckers are tender but firm. Rows of jagged rubbery teeth grip your board’s rail, while the clamp itself exerts just enough pressure to keep your board safely in place. It’s a great idea. Some other surfboard storage solutions rely on a rope or other contraption to secure the boards to the wall.

If you’re worried that the QuiverGrips might damage your rails – rest assured. The pressure is less than you’d use for an ordinary duck dive.

An included neoprene mat protects the surfboard’s tail and your carpet. While we’re not huge fans of traditional neoprene, this is a great touch. I am sure surf shops will adopt the QuiverGrip system en masse. It saves so much space.

The system is modular which means you can add and remove QuiverGrips from the Q Rail as needed. Four of the grips can easily fit on one rail, or you can mount multiple rails and spread your quiver out.

These will work great if you keep your boards either in or outdoors. Mount one beside an outdoor shower? Why not! Beside the door at your local cafe? Sure! What about evolving the concept into roof racks? Now that could be interesting…

From the manufacturer

QuiverGrip works by gently holding your surfboard in place with a slight amount of “squeeze” from the outer body while the soft rubber teeth of the inner core provide the perfect amount of grip. This perfectly designed blend of materials allows for flexibility, and grips your boards safely and securely – allowing you to store your board with complete confidence.

Our patented Q-Rail lets you customize your storage capabilities to your personal needs. Each Q-Rail can hold up to 4 QuiverGrips, and comes with perfectly spaced, pre-drilled holes, to fit any surface.

Simply slide your QuiverGrips into the Q-Rail and you have a fully expandable system to keep all your boards safe and secure!

Our verdict

The most elegant surfboard rack system we’ve ever used. Makes us shudder to think about some of the home-made jobs we’ve created over the years.

In a mild to moderate earthquake, I’d be confident in QuiverGrip’s ability to keep my boards secure. We love the extra space, too.

If you’d like to purchase a QuiverGrip from quivergrip.com use the discount code “SURFD” when you check out and you’ll get a 10% discount.

QuiverGrip 2.0 – ProPack Review
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