Gifts for Surfer Kids

Surfer kids, often called groms or gremmies, are some of the most stoked (if you’re not a surfer that loosely translates to ‘excited’) in the surfing community. They’re generally frothing (over-excited) regardless of the conditions and eat, sleep and breathe surfing. Our future generation tend to break their equipment as often as they grow out of their clothing, so our focus for this age group is on products that they will last for a while, either in durability or continuity… you’ll see.

Included with every surf gift idea is a link to where you can purchase the product online or a suggestion as to where you can find it. Good luck!

Quiksilver Cypher Kamikaze
Quiksilver Cypher Kamikaze

1) Cypher Kamikaze – Julian Wilson Signature Boardshorts by Quiksilver

Why they’ll love it: These are cutting-edge boardies made with 4 Way Stretch Diamond Dobby TM.  Diamond what?! It’s an embossed cushy diamond pattern that reduces skin contact by 30% to help stop those thigh and groin rashes that are the bane of summer surfing life. These boardies are lightweight, feature Quik Dry technology, are super-stretchy and look pretty cool with Julian Wilson’s signature fragmented blue design. Your kid will be doing sushi rolls in no time… (ask them what it means).

Price: RRP $79.99

Where do I get it? Your local Quiksilver store, surf shop or online at Surf Stitch (search “Kamikaze”)

Surfing Life
Surfing Life

2) Australia’s Surfing Life Magazine Subscription

Why they’ll love it: A year’s supply of Surfing Life is guaranteed to inspire any little surf monster. It has attitude, flair and is packed full of news, tips, interviews and trips that’ll keep them stoked all year long.

Price: $95 (for 12 issues)

Where do I get it? Surfing World’s secure website


3) High-5 (Surf DVD)

Why they’ll love it: This film is punk, high paced and radical. It features some of surfings hottest up-and-coming names including Wade Goodall, Eric Geiselman, Fergal Smith and Andrew Doheny. Just to top it off it features sick Andy Irons footage, demonstrating just how much the guy blew it up. This is new, now and it’s a must-see.

Price: $39.95

Where do I get it? Good surf shops or online at VAS Entertainment.

4) Surf Coaching Session (one on one)

Why they’ll love it: Giving a young surfer some professional guidance can make a huge difference as their surfing progresses. Tweaking technique and smoothing out stance and postural issues early will ensure a lifetime of surfing pleasure – and maybe more for those aspiring to make it big!

Price: Depends on your location

Where do I get it? You’ll have to do some searching on Google for this one. Find someone local, preferably who was a pro surfer or is accredited with your national surfing body. In Australia the credentials to look out for are awarded by Surfing Australia.

Billabong Shifter
Billabong Shifter

5) A surf watch

Do they keep you waiting on the beach and then claim not to know how long they were out there for? Well no more waiting (sorry groms!) as here’s the perfect watch that looks good and works well, in the water and out.

For boys: Billabong Shifter watch in Silver

It’s slim line and youth-sized but is super-durable, featuring 3 hand slim Japanese movements. Not sure what that means but it sounds cool!

RRP: $109.95

Rip Curl Oasis
Rip Curl Oasis

For girls: Rip Curl Oasis watch in Pink

This watch is vibrant and colourful and even features some bling at 3, 6, 9 and 12 O’clock. Fashionable and fun, she’ll remember how much she loves you every time she realizes she’s running late.

RRP: $99.95

Where do I get them? Check out your local surf shop or just get them online at Surf Stitch (click on “Watches”)

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