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  1. Hello,

    Hope all is well. I am wondering if your company makes tables out of fiberglass materials?

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience.


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  3. This is Tanzim from found your website very informative and have a large number of articles on it. I am also from the same arena and I have been blogging about surfing for the last 5 years and own vast experiences on it. I see you are allowing writers from all over the world about surfing and I would love to get enlisted and offer some value to your existing readers. my articles will be about ‘surfing” and that would have the all latest trends, stats, and expert opinions and that would be 850+ long.:If you think that my article quality matches your website’s requirement; then please let me know. I will submit my first article for your review within the next two days after your confirmation.
    Thanking you,

  4. Hi, I’m interested in requesting a media kit. I couldn’t find a contact to request that from, so hoping that this gets through.

  5. Hello,

    I will give it to you straight – I LOVE your website!

    As a top digital marketing agency and website like yours, we could make a great partnership together that benefits both of us.

    Could you please tell me where the content comes from? Do you write it on your own or do you also accept outside content?

    Any answer would be greatly appreciated!

    Best regards,

  6. I have a bunch of Surfer, Surfing, and Surfer’s Journal to sell. Where would I go for info about what they are worth?? Any help would be appreciated

    1. Hey Keith, I’m not aware of anyone who can provide a valuation. You could put them on Ebay with a high reserve price to see what interest is out there. Alternatively, there is a great vintage surfboard group on Facebook who might point you in the right direction. Within Facebook just search for “vintage surfboards” and you’ll find them.

      1. I hope this is going to the right person I think you were in a coffee shop in Cabarita you we’re talking to a friend of yours and another person when I left you got into a hyondi and drove off . I know you’re busy but I want you to contact Matt Archbold and tell him that I want to pay for the both of you to come up to mewdewi in bali if you guys are keen? I have heard you talk before about him and how great you thought he was. I would love to see you both surfing this left because both you and arches styles were amazing. I am 100 telling the truth When I’m saying I will pay to get you both there!

  7. The article Surfing with Sharks was good but difficult to read. I think you are trying to help people coming into sport which is appreciated. Having to guess at the points being made caused confusion. Thanks

  8. Hello,

    My name is Kannon Siemer, I’m in the process of starting my own surf blog and website. I know you as a respected individual of the surf community and for the blog it would be amazing if in a few words you could answer what the “surf lifestyle” means to you.

  9. Hello, could you please send/email me a high resolution image of your Surfer Magazine- A Gallery of Iconic Covers. I am part of gallery with my own Surfer Cover Shot September 1978 Mexico Pipeline photo by Woody Woodworth. Thank you, Jim Davis 949-842-2273

  10. Hola Hola!

    I wanted to follow up on the email I sent regarding several stories I would love to be featured in Surfd. While Dominican Republic has made a name for itself as one of the Top 10 must visit Kite Surfing Destinations, I’m happy to share (yes share as it truly is a hidden gem) is the beautiful town I call home, and known as Encuentro.
    What you’ll learn about are the remarkable stories of passionate locals dedicated to creating a community through the common passion for surfing, preserving the ocean and spreading kindness, love and peace among every island souls.

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