Surf Travel

Surfers love to travel. Ever since magazines first showed images of perfect waves peeling at some exotic location, we've all dreamt about discovering our own perfect wave, complete with tropical skies and uncrowded lineups. As a result, once-secret locations like Bali, Fiji and Samoa have become familiar and accessible destinations for surfers around the world. Boat trips to the Mentawais went from a mystical experience to a sometimes stressful race to outrun other boats to already crowded lineups.

The future of surf travel

The Coronavirus Pandemic has swiftly crushed the surf travel industry but that doesn't mean surfers are not planning their future escapes. When the world opens up again so too will surf tour operators and accommodation providers. It might take some time and not every operator will survive. But some will, and surfers will find them.

We have compiled a number of articles that will help you choose your next destination and get there safely.