The Best Gifts for Surfers in 2022

A comprehensive catalog of surf gift ideas

This article will help you choose an ideal surf gift. Most of what we include in the guide has been hand-tested by our expert team of reviewers, so rest assured that these are the best options that money can buy.

Scroll down to explore our favorite gift ideas, such as items from Outerknown and Patagonia’s extensive catalog. We’ve also featured several products available on Amazon, including books, toys and even surf gift boxes – perfect for the person who has everything. We love the COR Surf Box for older surfers and we highly recommend the URBN Fit balance board for kids who want to improve their balance. See these products below.

Buying gifts can be tricky so we’ve also included a section below that will help you determine what kind of gift is most appropriate for the surfer in your life. Happy shopping and even happier holidays from the team at!

Our favorite gift options

If you are busy and want to purchase a gift from one of our favourite brands or shops then scroll no further. The following options are what we are choosing for ourselves.

Sustainable apparel from Kelly Slater’s brand, Outerknown

For the ultimate in surf clothing for men and women skip the rest of this article and check out Kelly Slater’s surf brand, Outerknown.

We previously reviewed the Outerknown range and gave it 5 stars for quality, performance and sustainability. From t-shirts to boardshorts to blanket shirts and winter gear, you can’t go wrong.

The best blanket shirt in existence
Gifts forAdults: Men and Women
ShippingFrom USA, ships internationally
Gift rating5 stars

Can’t decide? Get them a gift card!

Get proven shark protection from Sharkbanz

For protection from sharks grab a Sharkbanz shark deterrent. They’re simple, hassle-free and don’t require charging.

We’ve tested Sharkbanz and found it to be a simple solution that gives you peace of mind, especially when surfing in murky water or near a rivermouth.

“Best health tech” ~ Forbes

Gifts forAdults and Kids
Price$94 (USD)
Shipping International
Gift rating5 stars

Awesome holiday gift options from Patagonia

For sustainable surf gear, including awesome eco-friendly wetsuits visit Patagonia. We’ve reviewed the Yulex range of wetsuits and really like their surf hats and t-shirts.

This year, you’ll discover their gift options including mugs, beanies, gloves, books, gift cards and much, much more.

Choose sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured gear for this season’s gifting.

Gifts forAdults and Kids
Shipping International
Gift rating5 stars

Floating Sunglasses from Rheos

Rheos Floating Sunglasses are made for
surfers and watersports enthusiasts. They’re super lightweight yet incredibly strong.

Best of all, there is a wide range of designs to choose from. We reviewed Rheos sunglasses twice here and here.

What kinds of gifts do surfers love?

An obvious choice of gift for someone who likes surfing is apparel, fashion or gear related to the surfing lifestyle. If you are a surfer then chances are that you’ll know exactly what they need. If you are not a surfer then you’ll need to activate empathy and imagine the world from their perspective.

If the person is under 20 then they probably don’t have much disposable income. You should choose clothing or a highly functional piece of surfing equipment, like a wetsuit hanger, or a ding repair kit. These are items that they will actually use.

If the surfer is in their twenties or thirties then they’ll probably prefer a book, a gift box containing a range of interesting gadgets, or a fashionable t-shirt, hoodie or even an action camera.

If the surfer is over 40, start thinking about interior decor like clocks, coffee tables or – if you’re on a budget – sunscreen and hats.

A gift card is a safe option for all ages but is also a little boring. If you’re on a budget a few blocks of wax are an inexpensive gift that keeps on giving.

How to choose a gift for a surfer

Buying a gift for a surfer is not always easy. Here are some things you need to consider:

  1. Conditions: what is the water temperature where they surf? How hot is it in summer and how cold in winter? Buying high-performance boardshorts or a rash guard for a surfer based in a cold climate may not be a good idea. If you’re going to buy wax then make sure it is appropriate for the water temperature.
  2. Skills: how skilled is your giftee? If they are brand new to surfing then they’ll probably need things like a rash vest, wetsuit, legrope or their own surfboard. Talk to a surf shop assistant to get ideas and don’t spend too much. If they are intermediate or advanced, leave them to get their own technical equipment. It is better to focus on apparel, accessories and gadgets. Quality towels, surf hats, sunscreen and changing mats are all excellent options.
  3. Frequency: how often do they surf? If they surf once a year then perhaps buy them a surf book or surf art for their home. If they surf once a month then you might consider gadgets and accessories. If they surf every week then chances are they need to upgrade their gear, so boardshorts, rash vests and other items are options they may appreciate.

Most importantly, if you’re unsure what to buy the surfer then ask them! I would be disappointed if I received a cheap wetsuit for Christmas because I’d rather save up for a premium model that will offer better performance. Don’t buy an intermediate surfer a surfboard unless they’ve been talking about a specific model for ages. Even then, you may get the volume and sizing wrong. If you’re intent on buying them their dream board then definitely closely examine their current favourite surfboard and try to match the volume (literage) as closely as possible in the new model.

Hint: a covert strategy for discovering what the surfer in your life wants is to go to the surf shop together. Pretend that you really want a new surf brand t-shirt and then follow them as they browse the aisles. They may wonder why you’re suddenly so interested in surfing but you’ll definitely get some intelligence. Note: this works best with young people – don’t try it on your 45-year-old spouse.

Surf gifts for kids

The best surf toys for kids

The following three gift ideas are what we’re choosing for our kids but also secretly for ourselves. Instead of technology or clothing, how about a product that encourages them to get outside and build their skill set? We really love the surfer dude toy and have had hundreds of parents report that it is the best gift ever.

Surfer Dudes Classics Wave Powered Mini-Surfer and Surfboard Toy – Hossegor Hank model. Just chuck it into the surf and watch him go! $19.99

Wooden Wobble Balance Board is a great way to build balance, co-ordination and have fun at home! $71.99

For kids who are ready to progress to the next level, get them a proper rolling balance board. Great for surf parents too! $79.97

Clothing for girls

Tie dye color explosion from Maui and Sons

Pastel wave patterns from Patagonia

Bitty Brah Creamsicle Rainbow

Clothing for boys

Tie dye with high contrast from Tiny Whales

Bitty Brah Sunset Sessions

Stay warm with a wave hunt hoodie from Maui and Sons

Surf books

Whether it is a coffee table classic, surf philosophy or an autobiography – books are a great gift for the surfer in your life. We recommend:

Barbarian Days: a Surfing Life by William Finnegan

Hubi’s Surf Atlas – Part 1 (Wiilder World) 

Surfboard Notebook by Surfd

Surf home decor

Surfboard coffee table

Look no further than Salty Home’s “The One” surfboard coffee table. It costs USD $679 but is worth every bit.

Surf tide clock

Do you want to bring a marine side in your decoration? This modern tide clock is the perfect piece of furniture you need. A tide clock also allows you to live by the rhythm of the tides. Don’t miss the best time to go to the beach.

Stay connected to the Pacific Ocean thanks to this modern tide clock, handmade with natural wood.

Just $79 from Salty Furniture.

Surf gift box

If you are looking for a gift box, containing a range of thoughtful products then the COR Surf Gift Pack might be perfect for you. It includes a range of products for waxing and displaying surfboards and changing into your wetsuit.

  • The Cor Surf Gift Pack is the ideal gift for any surfer! Comes packaged in a nice gift box any surfer will love!
  • The Original COR Surf Towel Poncho: Soft One-Size-fits-All Warm and Soft Dark Blue Microfiber Changing Poncho Towel Robe allows you to stay warm while changing out of your wetsuit while maintaining discretion.
  • The Original Cor Surf Single Surfboard Wall Rack made with 100% sustainable wood- The Rack that Started Cor Surf in 2003! Display Your Board in Style!
  • The Cor Wetsuit Changing Mat that doubles as a carrying BAG. Watertight so your wetsuit doesn’t leak in your car and a bar of Cool Surf Wax

Action camera

For an all-purpose waterproof action camera, we are huge fans of the Insta360 ONE X2. This camera is:

  • Portable and seriously rugged
  • Able to film the entire world in 360 degrees
  • Accompanied by amazing desktop and mobile editing software.

Get yours on the Insta360 website or on Amazon.

Surf gifts under $20

If you’re after a great gift for less than $20 we’ve got some ideas for you.

Surfboard wax

Surf wax is an obvious gift idea for surfers. For just $3 from these are perfect stocking fillers.

Wetsuit cleaner

Wetsuits have a tendency to get crusty and musty. For $15 you can extend the life of a wetsuit and keep things fresh.

Repair kit

This travel repair kit can be stashed in a car or your luggage so that dings can be fixed on the fly. Just $10.

What are a good gifts for a surf dad?

Surf dads are usually pretty easy to please. Here are three gifts we recommend for a dad who loves to surf.

Cor Surf Box

The COR Surf box includes a wetsuit hanger and changing mat for $69.99. Buy now.

Reef x Tipsy Elves Slippers

Get Your Tipsy Elves Slippers Before They’re Gone! Buy now.

Surf Pouch

A simple solution to minimise mess in the back of the car. This is the gift for the surfer who has everything! From $39. Buy now.

Gifts for surfers in Australia and New Zealand

Don’t fancy waiting for deliveries from the USA? Then you can’t beat the selection available from Surf Logic.

Car Seat Covers

Keep your car presentable with the awesome seat covers by Surf Logic!

Lock box with LED

This is an awesome gift the surfer who drives to the beach. Super robust and secure, with a light for early and late surfs!

Surf Poncho

A simple solution to changing outdoors. No more towel accidents when you can simply pull a poncho over yourself in the car park!

That’s it for this gift guide for surfers! If you have any ideas or suggestions please comment below.