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Gifts for Surfer Teens

I love teenagers, they”re so rockstar. When they”re not indulging in illicit substances, contracting diseases or tweeting they do enjoy a good sleep session. The lucky ones who surf get to have all that fun in addition to experiencing nature”s most magical combination of elements: ocean, sunshine, wind and a playground of freedom beyond most people”s dreams.

Surfing is such a great way to spend your teenage years. My memories are a blur of sultry days spent chasing beach girls, eating everything in sight, surfing “til everything ached and, um, chasing those sexy beach girls. Teenagers are stereotyped as sulky, lazy, grumpy humans, but making a teenage surfer happy is actually not that hard. Just get them a gift they”ll actually like from our guide below.

Oh, and good luck!

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1) Innersection by Taylor Steele DVD

Why they’ll love it: A pretty new concept in film-making, Innersection is a collaboration between surfers, videographers and the world (via the interweb) who vote for the best submitted clips from a range of surfers.  After a few rounds of voting the best clips have been compiled into what is one of the most cutting-edge surf films of the season. Seriously, Ozzie Wright, Josh Kerr, Pat Gaudaskas, Flynn Novak and crew pull off some of the sickest moves ever captured in pixels.

This will be watched on repeat until your plasma burns out or your sofa collapses in a sweaty mess.

Price: RRP $39.95

Where do I get it? VAS Entertainment”s website

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2) Ocean & Earth Premium One Piece Leash

Why they’ll love it: This leggie uses premium moulded cord technology which means, in a nutshell, that there are no weak points. It”s a revolutionary design and will be an essential piece of kit to keep them in the water and attached to their board for seasons to come. Ocean & Earth have really taken leash technology to the next level with this essential yet often overlooked piece of kit.

Price: RRP $49.95

Where do I get it? Check out your local surf shop or just get them online at Surf Stitch (search “Ocean & Earth” in the brand panel in the top corner.)

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3) Private Photoshoot

Why they’ll love it: Who doesn”t love images of themselves doing what they”re most passionate about? A private photo shoot will give your favourite teenager images of their surfing prowess that they will treasure for life. It”s a timeless and beautiful gift.

Price: RRP on request

Where do I get it? If you”re in Sydney then Oceaneye can”t be beaten. Give Jules and the team a call for awesome service, local knowledge and outstanding image quality. Outside of NSW (Australia) simply do a Google search for surf photographers in your area.

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4) The Brigg 20″ boardshorts by Quiksilver

Why they’ll love it: These are the official Dane Reynolds signature boardies and Dane is arguably the most radical surfer in the world! They feature the virtually weightless Diamond Dobby DLX material, embroidery, side taping, heat transfer and a lurex badge. The pattern is tasteful but the boardshorts will give your favourite teenage surfer enough flexibility to do horrific things to the faces of waves at their local. And that”s a good thing!

Price: RRP $79.99

Where do I get it? Surf Stitch of course (search “The Brigg” for quick access.)

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5) GoPro Camera

Why they’ll love it: If you”re playing with a bit more budget then this is the ultimate gift for any surfer. But a teenager will undoubtedly get maximum return as they strap this baby onto their head, their board (and any other viable appendage they locate) for the duration of the summer holidays. It”s a known fact that having video footage of yourself surfing is one of the best ways to drive improvement. You”ll open up a new world of POV (point of view) and water footage for them and their buddies with this fantastic camera. The quality is truly astounding.

Price: RRP $269.oo

Where do I get it? Check out the manufacturer direct at .

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