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The surf brand Nixon is associated with stylish watches and a range of quality lifestyle gear. In this article, we will explore the company history, key people, and products that have propelled Nixon into one of the world’s premium surf brands.

History of Nixon

When was the company founded?

Nixon was founded in 1997.

Where was it founded?

Nixon was founded in Encinitas, California.

Who were the founders?

Nixon was founded by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna.

Why was it founded?

The company is rooted in an unsuccessful shopping trip in 1996. Chad DiNenna, a California native, was looking for a watch, and he wanted something that reflected his surfing lifestyle. When he couldn’t find it, he looked down at his wrist and came up with an idea: a watch company that catered to action sports.

Since then, Nixon has become an iconic surfing lifestyle brand, offering a wide range of products, including watches, apparel, bags, and more. The company continues to be a leader both in the timepiece and fashion industry.

The Ambassador

Nixon takes a hands-on approach to product development. They work directly with their team of ambassadors on product research and development. This spirit of collaboration enables Nixon to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and design. It’s clear when you use products such as the Heat surf watch that it was designed by surfers, for surfers. There is no fluff or unnecessary detail.

However, on the flip side, if you want to make a statement, the oversized 51-30 Chrono packs a punch both in form and function.

51-30 Chrono

Working directly with their team gives Nixon an advantage in terms of understanding real-life customer needs and staying tuned into emerging trends.

Who is sponsored by the company?

Check out some of the Nixon ambassadors below, including Caity Simmers, Nora Vasconcellos, Brock Crouch, Zach Miller, Zion Wright, Jill Perkins, Shun Murakami, John Gardner, and Mikkel Bang.

Caity SimmersFollow along with Caity on Instagram: @caitysimmers
Nora VasconcellosFollow along with Nora on Instagram: @noravexplora 
Brock CrouchFollow along with Brock on Instagram: @brockcrouch 
Zach MillerFollow along with Zach Instagram: @zakramiller 
Zion WrightFollow along with Zion on Instagram: @zionwright
Jill PerkinsFollow along with Jill on Instagram: @jill_perkins
Shun MurakamiFollow along with Shaun on Instagram: @shunmurakami_mobb
John GardnerFollow along with John on Instagram: @jawngardner 
Mikkel BangFollow along with Mikkel on Instagram: @mikkel_bang


Nixon is proud of their commitment to sustainability. As part of the H2O Yeah! program, their surf watches use REPREVE® Our Ocean™ recycled plastics. This material takes plastic that would otherwise wind up in the ocean and repurposes it into high-performance watch cases and bands.

Nixon also offers sustainable replacement watch bands if you are looking for an eco-friendly way to swap a band on an existing watch.

Whenever possible, Nixon is committed to using recycled materials that come from ocean plastics, keeping the ocean cleaner while making a more sustainable product.

Nixon Time Teller OPP

Campaigns and Partnerships

Nixon’s collaborations have been highly successful due to their ability to weave together threads of surfing, skating and music culture into products that wider audiences adore.

They have worked with big names such as Metallica, Grateful Dead and many more and currently have collaborations with Rolling Stones and Santa Cruz.

The Santa Cruz watch line is gorgeously retro and will take you back to your errant youth (but you’ll not be late for the 2pm meeting!).

Showcase products

Products created by Nixon are designed to be both stylish and functional. From watches to backpacks, they have something for every taste and requirement.

Surf Watches

From beginners to experienced surfers, Nixon surf watches help you keep track of your progress, stay safe in the waves, and make a statement when you’re back on land.

For more information

Visit the Nixon website.