The Best Longboard Surfboards of 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive roundup of the best surfing longboards in 2023! We’ve embraced classic designs that give a nod to longboarding heritage and to cutting-edge models that embrace the latest materials. Our mission is to curate a selection that caters to surfers of all levels and styles. Join us as we dive into the details of these exceptional longboard surfboards, helping you make an informed decision.

You might be wondering: why on earth is there a longboarding article on this site? Surfing comes in all forms. And we’ll all probably end up on a log before we die.

Sprout by CJ Nelson

Kicking off our roundup is the Sprout Longboard by CJ Nelson, a true favorite among our crew.

Crafted with precision and passion by shaper Ryan Engle, this board is a modern rendition of CJ’s all-time favorite surfboard, originally shaped by the talented Dane Purlee. Drawing inspiration from CJ Nelson’s personal journey and his affinity for noseriding, the Sprout Longboard carries the torch of legacy while embracing the cutting-edge. The board’s very foundation is grounded in the nostalgia of Thomas Campbell’s iconic surf film “The Sprout,” but it is constructed with Thunderbolt technology, which is about as modern as it gets! This tech offers strength, durability, and lightweight maneuverability in one exceptional package. If you’re serious about noseriding and are looking for a board that takes you back to the roots while pushing you forward in skill, the CJ Nelson Sprout is a must-have in your quiver.


9’6″23 1/2″3″78
10′24″3 1/8″87

Concept designed by: CJ X Ryan Engle

I use the Sprout in any good logging conditions. It’s honestly a workhorse that brings out the best in my surfing. I always go back to it to find my equilibrium.


Manufacturer link: visit CJ Nelson Designs

Bing Continental

The Continental is BING’s solution to the noseriding puzzle. With its subtle design twists and proven performance, this board enables you to lock in and cruise on the nose like never before.

Central to the Continental’s design is a wide parallel outline and a generous nose rocker, working in synch with a blended 5/16″ concave extending to the middle of the board. This marriage of elements ensures optimal nose control with uplifting lift sensations, granting you the grace to glide the face with ease. The rocker profile, transitioning from a flat middle section to an intense kick at the tail, strikes a perfect equilibrium between stability and maneuverability. Further enhancing its wave engagement are the pinched rails, allowing you to carve with confidence and style.

Available in lengths ranging from 9’0″ to 11’0″, the Continental is versatile enough to adapt to your personal style and the waves you ride. It’s the longboard for surfers who demand excellence in noseriding.



Concept designed by: Matt Calvani X Mick Rodgers

Optimal nose control with positive lift sensations is what this board is all about. The Bing Continental…post on the nose and set it to cruise control.

Mick Rodgers, Team Rider

Manufacturer link: visit Bing Surf

Firewire TJ Pro

Born from the collaborative genius of Taylor Jensen and renowned shaper Dan Mann (shaper of our favorite shortboards), the Firewire TJ Pro is an embodiment of precision and innovation. This surfboard encapsulates the harmonious blend of performance and the serene cruising experience synonymous with longer boards.

Evolving from the 900R model, the TJ Pro boasts subtle yet impactful modifications, including pronounced bottom contours and a subtle tail kick increase. These adjustments unlock new realms of possibilities, allowing for the execution of exhilarating vertical maneuvers that will leave you craving more.

Taylor Jensen confidently chooses the TJ Pro for competitions, with victories in the ASP World Longboard Championship and the WSL World Longboard Championship. This speaks volumes about the board’s ability to harness your potential and elevate your surfing journey.

If you’re an advanced surfer looking to add a competitive edge to your longboarding, the TJ Pro by FireWire should be at the top of your list. It’s a board that demands your best and helps you deliver it.


9’0″22 5/8″2 5/8″59.7
9’0″22 1/8″2 5/8″60

Concept designed by: Taylor Jensen X Dan Mann

Manufacturer link: visit FireWire

Donald Takayama MODEL-T

The Model T by Donald Takayama reigns as a pinnacle of versatility and timeless retro design. This exceptional surfboard strikes a balance between effortless glide and exhilarating performance, a true masterpiece within Donald’s esteemed collection.

Highlighted by a broad noserideable nose and a maneuverable tail, the Model T delivers a solid ride. The 50/50 rails, single fin setup, square tail, and volan cloth construction amplify its performance, uniting style and functionality seamlessly.

While excelling in smaller, playful conditions, the Model T shines brightly, allowing you to extract pure fun from every wave. Immerse yourself in Donald Takayama’s legacy with a board that delivers both graceful noseriding and stylish turns.


9’8′23 1/8″3 1/8″

Manufacturer link: visit Donald Takayama Surfboards

MacTavish Super Stock Long

The MacTavish Super Stock Log takes us back to the heart of surfing’s essence. Inspired by the raw energy of 60s Super Stock cars, this board embodies the joy of wave riding in its purest form.

Measuring at 9’5″ x 23″ x 3″, the Super Stock Long exudes timeless style with its sleek white-on-white aesthetic. Built with a 12mm ply stringer, clean freelap, and wrapped in 6-8-6 cloth, this board celebrates a minimalist design philosophy.

Simplicity is the essence of the Super Stock series, embracing the thrill of surfing without distractions. Crafted by experts and tested by skilled surfers, these boards strip down to the essentials for optimal wave riding.


Lenght: 9’5″
Width: 23”
Thickness: 3”

Wave type: Knee to head high

Manufacturer link: visit Mc Tavish

COS Chingona

The COS Chingona stands as a testament to style and performance, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. Featuring a square tail and a straighter outline than the Traditionalist model, the Chingona gives stability and control to the modern longboarder.

\The carefully crafted shape and design elements create a board that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a high-performing wave machine. The bottom contours and rocker are reminiscent of the beloved Traditionalist, ensuring that the Chingona delivers exceptional performance in the water.

Since its release in 2007, the Chingona has taken the surfing world by storm, quickly becoming the best-selling model in COS’s traditional style longboard lineup. Crafted by Clean Ocean Surfboards, the Chingona is more than just a surfboard—it’s a symbol of the collective effort to keep the ocean clean and healthy. With every wave you catch on the Chingona, you contribute to the mission of protecting our precious marine ecosystems.


Lenght: best selling sizes: 9’ – 10’
Nose: 18 ½”
Width: 22 ¾”
Tail: 16 ½”
Thickness: 2 ¾” – 3”
Wave type: Whatever you’re comfortable riding a longboard in

Manufacturer link: visit Clean Ocean Surfboards

Almond Surfboards The Surf Thump

Meet the Surf Thump by Almond Surfboards, a longboard that blends classic charm with exceptional versatility. The moment you step onto the Surf Thump, its lively and responsive nature becomes evident. Featuring a thumb-shaped tail, this board boasts heightened maneuverability, making wave navigation an effortless affair.

With the Surf Thump, you’re equipped to explore a myriad of surf spots and breaks, ensuring you never miss out on the diverse experiences different wave conditions provide. From powerful waves to ever-changing beach breaks, the Surf Thump’s performance guarantees you’ll perform.


9’2″22 5/8″3″74.0
9’4″22 3/4″3″76.3

Manufacturer link: visit Almond Surfboards

Thomas Surfboards Moose Knuckle

Introducing the Moose Knuckle by Thomas Surfboards, a longboard that encapsulates both versatility and the pure pleasure of easy riding. Designed to excel across a spectrum of conditions, this board is a gateway to endless wave-catching adventures.

The Moose Knuckle stands as a true all-rounder, meticulously designed for maximum responsiveness. Its narrow tail imparts remarkable agility, allowing for seamless turns and quick maneuvers. A wide nose and generous nose concave add a new dimension to the Moose Knuckle’s performance. Noseriding becomes second nature as the board glides effortlessly with unwavering stability.

Every element of this board is carefully engineered to offer a fusion of performance and accessibility, making it ideal for surfers of all skill levels. From playful beach breaks to challenging surf spots, this board eagerly accepts the challenge alongside you.

Lenght: 9’6″
Width: 22′ 7/8”
Thickness: 2′ 7/8”

Wave type: Knee to head high

Manufacturer link: visit Thomas Surfboards

Classic Malibu Hotdogger

Meet the Hotdogger by Classic Malibu, a longboard that not only aligns with contemporary logging standards but also embodies pure wave-riding bliss. Meticulously designed, this board accompanies riders with a lively, responsive ride that flows with effortless grace.

Engineered with a minimal weight focus, the Hotdogger boasts soft round rails spanning nose to tail. Peter, the visionary shaper behind Classic Malibu, proudly champions the Hotdogger as his personal choice from their log range. With his expertise and passion, Peter has sculpted a longboard that seamlessly balances style, control, and responsiveness.

With its design meeting modern logging criteria, this board embraces contemporary longboarding standards, the Hotdogger empowers you to express your creativity on the waves, forging a seamless connection with the ocean’s energy.

As a creation of Classic Malibu, a brand synonymous with timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship, the Hotdogger epitomizes the pinnacle of longboard design. It reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality boards that provide unforgettable surfing experiences.

Lenght: 9’6″
Width: 22′ 1/4”
Thickness: 2′ 7/8”

Wave type: Knee to head high

Manufacturer link: visit Classic Malibu

TCCS All Rounder Board – Jade

Presenting the All Rounder Board – Jade by TCCS, a surfboard that defines versatility in every sense. Boasting user-friendly design, the All Rounder Board – Jade perfectly suits surfers seeking a reliable and adaptable partner in the water. Whether you’re a novice keen on mastering your first waves or a seasoned rider seeking a board that thrives across diverse conditions, the All Rounder Board – Jade excels on all fronts.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the pleasure of smooth glides, controlled turns, and the unmistakable confidence of riding the waves. This board encapsulates the essence of discovery, urging you to chase your surfing dreams with grace and style.

9’6″23 1/4″3 1/8″76.67

Manufacturer link: visit The Critical Slide Society

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