Christmas gifts for surfers

Yah, it’s, like, a little early but whatevs… we wanted to beat the supermarkets to the Christmas rush.

Buying the perfect gift for the surfer in your life can be daunting. I mean they are so, like, picky already when it comes to their precious boards, that stinky old wetsuit, their boardshorts, that particular wax and all the rest. You just know you’ll get it wrong if you try and pick out a new legrope (“Ohhh but that’s for under head high waves, it’ll snap when I go charging the big stuff honey!”) or new boardies (“Ummm but I wanted the ones with diamond dobbie, flexible invisible seams made of recycled plastic bottles…”)  or even a new rash vest (“Eww but I wanted the Billabong Furnace in short, not long sleeves Mum!”).

Yep, it’s a minefield. But we’re gonna help. Because we are surfers and we have a pretty good idea about the things we’d like our Mum’s, Dad’s girlfriends and mates (joking mates don’t buy mates gifts… it’s gay) to get us for Christmas. Or even  for our birthdays.

Let’s just call this a living gift guide for us. Hint.

So without further ado – and a little help from Amazon – let’s begin:

The 2012 ultimate gifts for surfers slideshow


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  1. The tool is kinda cool! At $16 who can argue. Always looking for a fin key and wax comb in the same space. Bound to get more use than my all purpose swiss army knife. Im all over it, cheers.

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