Review: The Dominator by Firewire

In this sick little video (below) Noah Snyder runs through the pros and cons of Firewire’s Dominator, designed at Firewire HQ by Dan Mann.

A versatile, all-condition sled, the Dominator features a full outline and thick foil from nose to tail. You get the 5/4/3 fin configuration so you can tweak it to your heart’s content. When we rode a demo model our favourite was the quad config: super-drivey and holds firm even when things get well overhead.

Some might say the Dominator’s profile looks like it may be a bit sluggish, I mean check out the foil:

But the inherent flex in these things means that they offer super performance through turns and you get plenty of power off the rail. Mark from Firewire notes, “What is REALLY going on here is that surfers are discovering how well our technology works. The lighter swing weight makes turning a breeze and the added squirt through turns created by the flex and controlled rebound is noticeable.”

Nev Hyman, the legend himself, responds, “‘ain’t that the truth MP… Ironically is something that I often leave out when talking about shape and how it relates to performance.  A good shape/design, AND an optimum marrying of that shape to the surfers size and ability is what everyone else who makes boards can do. Our tech takes it to another level.”

Now check out Noah’s perspective and decide for yourself.

  1. Yep, totally agree guys. This board is so sick. Had it for 6 months and the thing is gr8 in both summery slop and good conditions. Took it away to the maldives and couldn’t bear switching to my gun. Love it. Nice review.

  2. Have a 5’10” dominator surfed it in 2-3 foot NE florida slop and was PLEASANTLY surprised just how much fun I had on this board! I’m 5’5″ and 160 have surfed for 37 years (now 50). Nice to find a board that will last, has flex, and responds so incredibly easily.

  3. board looks fun for sure – a couple buddies have demo’d this model and all had good things to say about them. definitely good for mushy waist high waves. Most guys I know say the board gets too loose in anything over head high, or more hollow surf.

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