Surfing UK – take two

Back on the road in a car full of mates, Mission Surf England started on a bright spring morning. Would we find our Holy Grail? The quest began…

Day One – Fistral Beach, Newquay
Up and over the hill to Fistral and the view could not have been more beautiful. Glassy walls – fanned by a whisper of easterly breeze – peeling off like a machine. There were a lot of guys out there but enough lines to go around. This time I hardly noticed the chill in the water and soon found myself gliding down a four-foot wall, peeling left from South Fistral with mechanical precision. It had a hollow take-off section that fattened out into a fun face and the local boys were tearing it up. The standard was good.

Day Two – Watergate
Despite a night of celebratory 1 pound Snakebites at the local meat market Springbok Bar we woke up keen to explore the ancient coastline. Hooked up by a few local boys we’d been put in touch with we headed for the super-long stretch of beachbreak at Watergate Bay. We moved around lot this day, trying out the peaks in front of the Extreme Academy and those further north. Some good waves here although it can get crowded.

Day 3 – Penhale
This place is a mission. More so on the way back but it is so worth it. On this particular day I had a classic session with hardly any crowds, long lefts and punchy little hollow rights. Little barrels and big hacks were the order of the day. Climbing back up the dunes at the end of a three-hour surf was an epic mission. My board felt like a cross being hauled up to execution hilltop.

But that day did feel like the Grail had been located and experienced. Now all we needed was to find a lovely, pleasure-seeking English babe called Mary and the quest would be complete. To the pub anyone?