Summer days... no waves. What better to do than go fishing with Jess?


We took our time baiting up the rods. Why wouldn't you?


After hours of patience she hooked the big one: a 7S Superfish! Despite having plenty of speed and drive Jess persevered and won an epic duel. Mmm, fresh lemon and herbs, baked Superfish for dinner.

She contemplated the fast setting sun as we carried our prize catch home.

She contemplated the afternoon sun as we carried our prize catch home.

But being an ocean lover she decided to release the Superfish and let it back into the warm Pacific for us lucky surfers to enjoy.

But being an ocean lover Jess raced to the water's edge and released this lucky Superfish back into the warm Pacific. Despite going hungry we had a great day. And fibreglass hurts my gums anyway.

Model: Jess

Swimwear by: Mambo

Surfboard by: Global Surf Industries, the 7S Superfish

Photography by: Bradley Hook, Copyright 2010