The Robber is a truly unique hybrid surfboard. It is at once loose yet drivey, sensitive yet forgiving. I love the design and the faux wood spray finish.

To surf the Robber effectively I found I needed to completely chill out (good thing we’ve been testing a heap of retro fishes) and feel loose and flexy. Short of donning my afro wig I almost imagined being Rob Machado whilst testing this board. It really helps. If you visualise yourself as someone like Rob whilst riding his signature board in the right conditions, a little bit of magic might just happen.

The board definitely takes a bit of getting used to:

  • it’s flat yet has forgiving round rails
  • it’s loose and slidey yet holds a tight line on bottom turns

My best part of riding this Al Merrick creation was backhand cutbacks – it seems this board was made for them. Starting off I’d draw an easy line out onto the face and then arc fairly sharply around. The board turns on a dime with instant response to back foot pressure and rockets back around. Hitting the foam the board spins back with awesome release (thanks little trailer fin) landing you, ready, in the pocket to do it all again.

Fluid, flexible and fast would be the three words I’d use to describe how the Robber should be surfed. Don’t expect miracles unless you have the natural grace and flow of one of the world’s greatest surfers but if you’re after a summer board that’s less fishy and more performance then the Robber could be the one for you.

Plus it looks sick.

Sleeping with the Robber

Sleeping with the Robber. We didn’t want this one to go back to Channel Islands.