Colin Giles is a musician andpro surfer from Los Angeles/Malibu California. He has just released his new EP as a free download from – it’s seriously worth checking out.

We caught up with Colin for a chat.

BH Hey, how are you doing? Been getting many waves lately?
CG Things are going great! Yes, lots of waves, what a stellar season we had.

BH Love the new songs. When did you start playing music?
CG I started playing music when I was a kid. I played by ear. My family caught on to that when I was young, and my grandpa bought a piano for me. Thanks Gramps!

BH Who are you influences? Who do you enjoy listening to?
CG My main influences are Desmond Dekker, Alton Ellis, Bob Marley, Ken Boothe and singers along those lines. I could name them all, but the list could go on forever.

BH Surfing and music are all about flow, do you find yourself coming up with new tunes whilst out in the water?
CG Without a doubt. Being in a tranquil place is a good for me. I can create an idea and flow with it without any distractions… unless people are fighting me for waves AARRRGG!!!

BH Why are you releasing such a good album for free? Not that we’re complaining…
CG It’s an album that I am really proud of, and I’m inviting everyone to sing along with me.

BH What’s next for you, Colin – plans for 2010?
CG I will be performing at Southern California venues, and plans for a tour are soon.

BH Thanks man. Here comes a set – left or right?
CG This is by far the most difficult question you’ve asked! …Right!

Again, check out Colin’s album for free here: