Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2010

Now, it’s always risky making predictions for a surf contest because if you get it wrong the whole surfing world may well laugh at your pathetic lack of foresight. But then, surfing is subjective, waves are haphazard and anything can happen on the day so I’m putting it on the line and giving you a glimpse inside my warped little Bells-obsessed mind.

Bells 2010, who will make it to the quarter finals…

…but first, a little blast from the past! One of the all-time classic Bells heats: 1986, Tom Curren versus Occy.

Fast forward to 2010 and incredibly, 24 years on, their surfing still looks fresh and formidable. But (unfortunately) they won’t be competing so who is my pick for the final rounds?

Jordy Smith

He’s hungry, he’s found his big match temperament by getting to the finals at Snapper and he has the right combination of flair and power that can make a real impact at the legendary break. He made it to the semis in 2009 which shows he’s comfortable here.

Mick Fanning

After an early exit at Snapper he’ll be pumped to do well. He’s due to ring the Bell and will certainly be looking to get back in the game.

Dane Reynolds

We’re all loving his youthful abandon, throwing every ounce of everything he has at every wall presented to him. Where other surfers hit the lip he is unleashing full fins-free fury. Multiple times. Dane made the quarters in 2008 but will hopefully push it further in 2010.

Kelly Slater

I think Kelly would like to remind everyone that he’s not quite out of the game yet. I’m sure a stock of K-TEN shirts have been printed up somewhere already so keep an eye on him at a wave he knows well. Kelly won Bells in 2006 and 2008.

Taj Burrow

Taj is on fire. It’s like all the years of hard work have paid off and the result is a fluid yet explosive, calm yet strategic competitive machine. Maybe the Pipe win gave him just what he needed. Taj took out the Bell in 2007.

Bede Durbidge

Big and imposing, Bede somehow manages to slip under the radar compared to many of the other top 5 contenders. But he is always a dark horse, is consistently good and will be packing serious heat in his heats. Bede got second in 2008, but only by a whisker from Kelly’s chinny chin chin.

Jeremy Flores

Back from an injury and pissed at being knocked out at Snapper, Jeremy will be hungry to cement his status as a top tier surfer. We know the potential is there, the desire is there – but can he deliver?

Andy Irons

I think Andy is poised to stamp his comeback on the rest of the tour and wouldn’t be surprised to see a quarter final or better finish.


Just in case I’m completely wrong I’d like to throw Joel, a Hobgood, Owen Wright and Kai Otton as my second favourites.

Who will win it?

I’m going with Jordy Smith.

Enjoy and don’t forget to watch the event live on the Rip Curl website.