Fattest surfer

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” is something all small, rugby-playing children are told. This allegedly helps them overcome the fear of big kids.

In a game of rugby, however, I certainly would not attempt to tackle the legendary large surfer, Mr Jimbo Pellegrine.

I suppose if you did drop in Jimbo, you would have a relatively good chance of outrunning him back on the beach. But the way he rips speaks for itself, so I’d advise that you let him have his waves, and enjoy the spectacle.

This weeks fact about surfing: .

Meet arguably the world’s fattest surfer, who probably surfs way better than you.

Update: In late 2014 we were sad to hear about Jimbo Pellegrine’s serious car accident, which resulted in a severed arm. We hope he’s doing ok, and manages to get back out in the water soon.