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Interview: Heather Brown’s surf art

Today we caught up with a surf artist we absolutely love. She lives in Hawai’i, she’s gorgeous, talented and her art will transform any room.

Meet Heather Brown.

Hi Heather, how are you? Did you enjoy the art show at the Wyland Gallery last night?

Aloha! I’m doing great, we had an excellent show last night at the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa. They do an annual show featuring all Surf Artists from Hawai’i and around the world. I have done this show for the past 4 years or so and last night’s show was by far the busiest yet! The show always takes place during the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, so there are so  many people on the North Shore this time of year. It was really fun and busy!


Tell us a little bit about your art… what inspires you and how did it all begin?

My art began when I was a little kid. My grandmother was an artist and I spent a lot of time with her creating different types of art, drawing, painting, sculpting, it was really cool. Later on in life I attended the University of Hawai’i where I received my Bachelors degree in Fine Art.

I find inspiration everywhere, but I think that you can see from most of my published pieces, that the majority of my inspiration comes from surfing and the beauty of the Hawai’i. I have always also been inspired by different types of printing techniques, which when mixed with painting, I came up with my own style of looking at surfing and life in the tropics.

Heather Brown interview

Do you have any favorite artists (surf-related or otherwise)?

I have so many favorite artists! Here is a small list: Paul Klee, Picasso, Tim Biskup, Hundertwasser. Thomas Campbell, Wolfgang Bloch, Andy Davis, Yusuke Hanai

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And your favorite places in the world?

Thats an easy one, Hawai’i!! My love affair with the Islands of Hawai’i never ceases or lessens, I find myself loving it more and more each day and year. To me it is just the most beautiful place on earth filled with great beaches, waves, flowers and plants, and the great people of Hawai’i. I just love it so much here and I think that really comes across in my art.

My fiance and I went to Namotu Island in Fiji last year, and that was definitely a close 2nd!

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If you could have a surf with three people (alive or not) at some perfect, deserted break – who would they be…?

My Fiance, Chris, Duke Kahanamoku, Skip Frye

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Your collection including the new “Autumn Bloom” look fantastic. Where can people buy your art?

Thank you so much! Well, my website has everything available that I sell, including prints and tee shirts and hats as well as giclee’s and originals.

Also on my webpage you can find a list of all the stores and galleries that my art is featured in around the world. If there isn’t a place near you, tell your local surf shop or art gallery! ha ha

I also recently started a blog, and can be found on Facebook and twitter where I constantly provide new updates regarding new works, exhibitions, and partnerships. Oh yea, you can also find my work on some of the Rip Curl line for the Artist of the Search!

Thanks so much for having me and supporting my art, it means so much to me that people enjoy what I create and it helps put smiles on their faces!



For more information and to purchase Heather’s art visit: