If you haven’t heard of this blonde-haired 20 year-old hailing from the world’s most prolific coal harbour (Newcastle, Australia) that’s probably because he’s talented enough to be following the illustrious path of the free-surfer. His surfing speaks for itself and Craig could almost certainly hack it at the top level if he decided to focus on the science of competitive surfing rather than the art of riding waves. Thankfully, in the mould of Rasta, Donavon and Brendon ‘Margo’ Margieson he has forgone competition and honed his mesmerisingly lazy style whilst traversing the planet’s surfing jewels.

Rather than thrashing turns on every viable section, Craig eases into drawn-out lines, slips effortlessly through death barrels and punctuates close-out sections with punts that Dane would be proud of. He’s an all-round talent who is set to lead an extraordinary life of surf adventure without the stress of coloured rash vests, rules and sirens.

Quiksilver continue their aspirational “Moments with…” series in this dreamy little mash-up of some of Craig’s best times… yet.

I describe my style as lazy… I do my own thing…whatever makes me feel happy when I kick out on a wave.
Craig Anderson

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