Yasi for surfers

In the wake of Cyclone Yasi it was interesting to note the typical mainstream media response. Not joy that the storm didn’t flatten northern Queensland and kill thousands, but almost a morose sense of disappointment that Yasi was downgraded to just a Category 3. In the midst of sensationalism is there no space for some positivity? Even now, with no loss of life having been reported, they’re headlining that bananas might cost $13 a kilo.

As surfers many of us have been wondering what effect Yasi will have on conditions along the east coast of Australia. In short the answer is: not much.

There is, of course, an uncharacteristic five foot swell hitting beaches north of Noosa with heavy currents sweeping southward. Noosa is breaking at around four foot but with strong onshores is not overly pretty. Snapper looks dismal and the situation is mirrored most of the way down the coast of NSW where protected spots and back beaches will be the go. Today (Thursday 3rd of February) is the day to hit it if you are set on catching some cyclone action as things will be returning to standard, mushy windswell by tomorrow.

Sydney surfers will no doubt be hoping for a trickle of Yasi-goodness to hit our beaches but unfortunately any cyclonic pulse will be virtually undetectable. There are, however, beautiful conditions out there with north westerly breezes fanning out any kinks and delivering those who don’t work perfect, glassy walls to feast upon.

To all those affected by Cyclone Yasi, from the team here at Surfd, we wish you all the best for the clean-up and reconstruction effort that lays ahead. Our thoughts are with you.