Quiksilver Pro and surfing’s future

How exciting is the state of professional surfing at the moment? When Matt Wilkinson nearly landed a massive rodeo flip in his Quiksilver Pro round 3 heat I caught a glimpse of the future. And the future is good.

The contenders in 2011 and beyond.

Jordy Smith is going to win a world title in the next three years. His main rivals will be Matty Wilkinson and Michel Bourez. These three have big match temperament, natural talent and the skills required to surf any waves inventively. Danger men will be Owen Wright, Julian Wilson, Dusty Payne, Brett Simpson and Dane Reynolds. Of course the tour veterans will be gnashing their collective teeth and pulling out the stops to win events as they have done many times before. So, for now, it would be unwise to discount Taj, Bobby Martinez, Freddy P, Joel Parko, Mick, Bede and, of course, Kelly when he enters the fray.

But the older guys are on their way out. It’s simple, sad and true. I think when Dean “Dingo” Morrison dropped off the WCT it was a sign that times are a’changing.

That’s it from me. I’m off to sit beneath the shade of a thatched hut within a dreamy, yellow-tinted world to listen to folk music whilst drinking some of Mexico’s finest bubbly liquid.

P.S. With Round 4 yet to begin who will win this competition? Who will get to wear a sticker proclaiming that they are the best of the best of the best? My tip is: Matt Wilkinson.