Everyone has an opinion as to whether the ASP are selling out by staging events for crowds rather than for surfers. I mean, an elite event in New York? New York?!

Kelly has a pretty good outlook on the whole thing and, to be honest, I reckon he’d say the same thing whether or not his sponsor was hosting the event. Not sure if he’d turn up to surf it after a few weeks spent sampling the finest Tahitian juice but, hey, who will ever know. After smashing the US Open of Surfing with a combination of airs that made guys 20 years younger look like groms I’d say he’ll be frothing at the chance to surf a novelty event in one of the world’s oldest megacities. It’s unique, cool and I’m pretty sure he’d hate to see someone else win it.

[one_half][quote]…To see the top formula one driver drive your car in your street… if I had a chance when I was a kid to see a video of Tom Curren and Pottz surfing Sixth Street in Cocoa Beach I’d be all over it. I’d want to watch it every day because I’d be going what are they doing, how did they do that, what are the lines they would take on these waves – and I can relate to that. [/quote][/one_half] [one_half_last]The Quiksilver Pro New York runs from the 1st to the 15th September 2011 at Long Beach, New York. The September 4-15 time frame has historically offered the highest incidence of quality surf and hurricane-generated swell opportunities. For more event information and live video coverage check out QuiksilverPro.com[/one_half_last]