11 things about John John Florence

  1. John John was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on Nov 18th 1992
  2. In 2012 (so far) he is placed at number 3 on the ASP World Championship Tour Rankings, earning $231050
  3. John John’s mother, Alexandra, is a surfer as well and was the one who introduced him to the sport.  He surfed on his own by age 5
  4. His Nickname is Two John and he has two brothers
  5. Youngest ever surfer to compete in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing at age 13
  6. At age 8 and barely 4 ft tall, John John was already surfing the Banzai Pipeline
  7. At 14 years old, he already held 4 national junior titles.
  8. Favorite Food – Sushi   Favorite Board – Pyzel 5’11”
  9. John John broke his back at the age of 18 while surfing near his home
  10. His hobbies include skating and fishing in the summertime
  11. His dream babe is Jessica Alba