Preview: Bending Colours

Jordy Smith’s new film is set for release in November 2012. It’s called Bending Colours. I like that ‘colours’ is spelt the English way and wonder whether the US version will be spelt ‘colors’? Intriguing stuff.

Anyway, we’ve been looking forward to the Jordy Smith signature film for a long time and this production looks unlikely to disappoint. If it’s anything like his segment in Modern Collective then we should be in for something exuberant. Kai Neville directs this movie and it’ll undoubtedly feature his signature crisp editing, psychedelic transitions and fresh tunes.

I’m not sure how a colour can be bent – perhaps through a Pink Floydesque prism? That’s my bet. The trolls in Stab Mag’s comments have already written this movie off as just another Red Bull production but I reckon we’re in for a glimpse of Jordy at his best. While he hasn’t lived up to the hype on tour he might prove that he is still amongst the top three most dynamic surfers in the world today (along with KS and John John). I foresee a Jordy – John John rivalry for years to come…