The surf art lifestyle with Patrick Parker

Join us as we meet Patrick Parker, one of our favourite surf artists, based in Hawaii.

Patrick Head Shot Hey Patrick, what’s been happening? Had any waves?

Doing great, living in Hawaii it’s easy to feel that way. Just waking up right now, hoping to grab some waves and will be doing some painting later today. A couple days ago it was fun at my favorite spot here on the North Shore. But I have been really focusing on going to Japan for an international art show and have not been surfing as much as I want to.

What inspires you to create?

Nature is my greatest inspiration. Hawaii helps so much when it comes to inspiration because there is so much beauty everywhere you look, from the waves to the mountains to the sunsets. Epic place to live!

What are the perfect conditions for your creativity?

I usually like to paint in the afternoon into the late evening. I try to enjoy doing daytime activities like surfing and hiking before I paint, they get me outside in nature and I can use that energy and inspiration in my art.

Who are your favourite artists in the surfing world?

Rick Rietveld, Phil Roberts, Clark Takashima, Norm Daniels, Wade Koniakowsky, Heather Ritts, Robb Havassy, Drew Brophy… just to name a few.

Dream Hideaway

Being a surf artist sounds like a dream job. What are the challenges and what do you love about it?

The challenge of any artist, not just surf artists, is that is is hard to make art a full-time job. It took me a few years to be able to say I was fully supporting myself exclusively through art sales. What I love most about it is that everyday there is something new to learn, problems to solve, people to meet, and especially paintings to paint.Solitude

What are your favourite mediums and is there anything you’d love to experiment with in future?

My favorite is acrylic because of the drying time, I am pretty impatient! But I do love other mediums such as watercolor and oil and collage, and I paint on everything from canvas paper to wood to mirror.

Is surfing an art, sport or lifestyle?

Lifestyle for sure. Just like art, everyone who rides a board will have their own style, some more graceful than others, but that’s the beauty in it, the variety. Imagine if everyone painted the same way everyday, boring!

How can people buy your art and find out more about you?

You can find me on facebook, or on these two websites…,