Ace Buchan is a surfer from the beautiful Avoca Beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

It’s a sleepy little slice of paradise that just so happens to have consistent beach breaks and an epic point, both of which were the young Ace’s playground as he matured into the professional surfer he is today.

(The pro surfer who just beat Slater in the finals of the Billabong Pro Tahiti.)

Billabong ProTahiti

But did you know that Ace has written a children’s book called Macka’s Barrel into the Dreamtime? It”s an adventure story for kids exploring the Australian environment and Aboriginal heritage all set upon a backdrop of surfing. This colourful, heartwarming read makes a great gift for the grommets in your life. Put it on your Christmas list.


Ace is also an ambassador for the Inspire Foundation with a focus on the Reach Out website which is designed to help young people through difficult times. Have a look at their site, it”s easy to show your support and get involved.

A lot has been said about Ace Buchan not being the most exciting surfer on tour but he certainly is one of the most consistent. He has an explosive, razor-sharp backhand and the nuts to drop into Teahupoo slabs under the scrutiny of Mr Slater. That”s something in itself. His style is perfectly honed, kind of like a reverse Danny Wills, and now that he is confident taking out the alpha guys I think we can look forward to some exciting contest performances over the next few years. But what really counts is all the good stuff he is doing out of the water and just being a nice, normal, intelligent human being. He”s an epic example of a well-rounded, modern surfer (and he won”t steal your girlfriend).

Looking forward to your next book Ace. And congrats on Teahupoo.


Ace Buchan is sponsored by Hurley.