Deslumbre: A Brazilian Surf Movie

Question: What do you get when you put seven of the most progressive Brazilian surfers on a boat and send them off to the Mentawaii Islands?

Answer: This. Sit back and get inspired (and / or envious).

Deslumbre is a full length surf film directed by Pablo Aguiar who brought us last year’s Delirium: a Trip of Madness.

Roughly translated as “Dazzle”, Deslumbre captures Adriano de Souza, Alejo Muniz, Miguel Pupo, Jean da Silva, Jesse Mendes, Yago Dora and Samuel Pupo having an exceptionally fun time in Indo. The film features crisp editing, some beautiful mood shots and a no-nonsense soundtrack that’ll keep you pumped. This is the kind of surf trip we all dream about. Nice work to the Brazilian crew, looking forward to more.

Freeze Frames

Photography by Eduardo Fleck.