Hair of the Surfer

The two most famous hairstyles in surfing belong to good friends Rob “The Mob” Machado and Kelly “The King” Slater. Rob has a cascading mane of curls that defy gravity in the same way his silky smooth forehand re-entries do. Slater, on the other hand, made skin head cool and a bevy of baldies breathed a sigh of relief that they could finally wear the same style as the greatest surfer of all time.

But in between The Mob and The King lie the rest of us who know that surfer hair is a defining feature of our lifestyle and identity. The typical surfer styles are probably along the lines of Dane Reynolds and Andy Irons: a salty, bleached-at-the-edges mop that sets however it dries. But you also get the Mick and Adriano crew cuts, the Laird quiff and the Ozzie Wright bob.

Surfers, like skaters, are delving ever more into the world of style, reflected in evolving upmarket fashion lines and the emergence in our waters of the long beard, short hair phenomenon. Jack Freestone, also known as the luckiest man alive, is one of the most stylish surfers around (and we’re not talking about his effortless front-hand reverse). He even got sponsored by Uppercut Deluxe, purveyors of the finest hair products designed for men who live close to the edge. If having great hair can get you a shot with Alana Blanchard then maybe hairstyle does matter. But so too does being a two-time junior world surfing champion and a ten pack. That definitely helps.

This season look out for even more prodigious beards matched with barber shop cuts, dinner jackets and skate shoes. Also look out for Adriano and his army of unsullied who have promised vengeance against anyone who messes with their queen or her dragons.

Who has your favourite surfer hair? Comment below.

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