Waves, Boobs and Tattoos

Surf-inspired swimwear label Calavera have shown their support for young women by launching a limited edition tattoo print collection, designed by renowned artist Kim Saigh of television show LA Ink.

We caught up with Kim and Anna to discuss work, life, waves and tattoos.

Hi Kim and Anna! Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy! Anna, have you had any good waves lately?

Anna: I really wish I could answer yes to that, but it has been pretty bad around LA for a while and I missed the one swell we had a couple of weeks ago. I get to go back to my “home” beach Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica fairly often though so I can always live on the memories of those waves when its flat over here. The waves there are amazing – fast and furious – but amazing.

Combining your passions by creating tattoo print swimwear is a great idea, not to mention for a great cause. What’s your creative process when working on a collaboration like this?

Anna: I absolutely love tattoos and have a few of them myself so when Kim agreed to design the print for us I was thrilled. We sat down and looked at art books from various eras and genres and we both got inspired by art deco and decided that was the way to go.

Kim: When Anna asked if I would be interested in being part of the project I immediately said yes. While I have drawn many tattoos, the process of making a print is somewhat different – . Once we had decided on a theme I designed the flower and showed it to Anna.

Anna: I just loved what Kim designed so much and could see that it would be perfect as a repeat print for fabric. Actually I loved it so much I convinced Kim to tattoo it on the side of my body so now it is with me forever.

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How can people can get involved?

For each suit sold, 50% of proceeds will be donated to the Keep A Breast Foundation. You can purchase online at the Calavera website www.calaveraswimwear.com and join the conversation @CalaveraSwim and #CalaveraLovesBoobies.

Anna, where is your dream surf session and who is out there with you?

I am goofy so I dream about surfing Chicama in Peru, which is the longest left in the world. Surfing is so much more than the wave though, and my happiest moments are when I am in the water in Playa Hermosa with my “crew” of girls, 80 degree water and the “wear and tear” of life disappears and is replaced by happiness in its very purest form. At those moments – I do all of it with a giant smile on my face.

Kim, as I’m sure you know, surfers love tattoos. Any trends or ideas for ink for people who love the ocean?

Sea creatures! Or, anything that the wearer loves that enhances their spirit. For Anna, we made the leaves of the flower print look more like a wave, it was subtle, but incorporated Anna’s love for the ocean.


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