The surfer lifestyle is an exciting one, and what better way to immerse yourself in the waves, culture and atmosphere than to follow your favourite surfers on social media? Here is a quick look at ten of the best surf-related Instagram accounts. If you’re not going surfing then you may as well live vicariously through the people who are!

1 – @kook_of_the_day


Inject some humour into your life with this moderated list of kooks that surf lovers run into on their day-to-day travels. You can find surfers in the strangest places!

2 – @kellyslater


Kelly Slater is one of the most well-known surfers in the world, and with good reason. Follow him to enjoy some of the best GoPro shots you’ll ever see.

3 – @kyrasantoroxx


Kyra Santoro is a bikini model turned surfer who happens to have an eye for a good photo too! She’s seen more often in a bikini than in surf shorts, and her shots are always stunning.

4 – @cocom4debarrelkilla


Mason Ho knows that it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing tailored board shorts or a wetsuit – all that matters is having fun. He surfs daily, and posts videos and photos of his water adventures.

5 – @donkeyshow


Mark Healey is another GoPro loving surfer. He rides big waves, dives and has a penchant for taking selfies. Follow him for inspiration to tackle the solid stuff.

6 – @shanedorian


Shane Dorian has a long and storied history in the world of surfing, going from being a top level competitor in his youth to becoming a successful big wave paddle player, instead of simply retiring from the waves.

7 – @lol_surf


LOL Surf is a humour-focused surfing photostream devoted to amusing memes. Follow this account to inject some humour into your surfing day.

8 – @adammelling


Adam Melling shares photos of fine food, family and surf related fun on his Instagram account. Melling proves that surf culture includes people from all walks of life, and whether you’re rocking tailored board shorts from, Oakley sunglasses or just simple shorts and a second hand board, all that matters is the waves.

9 – @finisterreuk


The Finisterre cold water surf company shares pictures of their products, as well as awesome surf scenes, on their Instagram account. Thanks to a great eye for photography and some stunning filters, you can expect some amazing shots from this surf brand.

10 – @followthefishtv


Everyone needs more laughter in their life, and Follow The Fish offers some great reminders about the fun things in life. Embrace the multicultural nature of the surf community, and check out these upbeat images from Follow the Fish TV.

Know any other surfer Instagram accounts we should follow?