In the Moment with Jay Alders

Interview by Bradley Hook

How’s work, life and everything in between? Are you keeping well?

Very good thank you. I am busy with work, travel and being creative and I am thoroughly enjoying fatherhood. My baby girl was born Oct 10, 2013 and watching her grow each day is the greatest gift ever.

We’re loving your latest work. A lot of moonlight, music and yoga… is this reflective of your life at the moment?

Yes absolutely. I got really into hot yoga a little over two years ago and it’s become a much needed spiritual, physical and mental tool for me. Music is always a part of my life too, listening and playing guitar when I can.  too.


How important are exercise and spirituality to you?

Very important. My spiritual connection has grown and developed a lot over the years. Yoga and meditation have really helped me balance my moods and enhance creativity. I read a lot about spirituality too and find a lot of fulfillment seeking paths of love and gratitude. Aside from yoga, surfing, SUP, skateboarding, slacklining and working out at the gym are all physical activities that I love. Each of them provides different challenges and enhance my lifestyle.

Do you have a muse?

I have two women in my life who are my main inspirations. My wife is who provides me with support and love. She’s beautiful in every way. And my baby daughter Summer Emerson who reminds me every day to stay in the present moment and be grateful. She’s a gorgeous little girl who already has taught me lessons and transformed my life for the better. .


Any surf trips planned for the second half of 2014?

No surf trips planned right now. We just got back from the Outer Banks, North Carolina and surfed almost every day. I really enjoy surfing my home breaks at the Jersey Shore. I love traveling to cool spots but I am blessed to live in an awesome place near the beach with some great surfing. A lot of people don’t realize how good the waves of New Jersey are, but Google it and you may be surprised. There’s nothing like surfing with close friends close to home.

We wish you plenty more good waves and inspiration… all the best!

Thank you!