Bikinis: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

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Surf fashion is inextricably linked to the surfing lifestyle. In fact, it’s hardly imaginable that surfers would wear non-surf clothes. When it comes to bikini babes, or even the girl next door, a beautiful set of swimwear can:

  • make you smile
  • complement or accentuate your curves
  • brighten up the days of passers-by
  • feel great as you swim out to sea
  • look amazing as you slide along a wind-brushed face on a blue-eyed summer day

The 2014 bikini season sees plenty of intricate detail, organic patterns and playful colour palettes. We’ve selected our favourites and featured them here for your viewing pleasure.


Diamonds, stripes and all things nice. The Zanzibar bikini from Billabong exudes an African summer flavour, hinting at lost kingdoms and wild adventure. neon_safari_lookbook6More hand-drawn patterns hint at walks on the wild side, with greens and pinks that brighten up the animal textures. Other numbers in the range are soft and floral. Pastel strokes hint of another era, when the beach was bright and the water blue. Hold on, that is now! 6541627_seaf_1


Similar to Billabong, Roxy have gone uber-tribal with a bikini that could be crafted from beads for the Queen of Sheba. The alternatives for the season are classic lines and exuberant geometrical florets that spring from the wearer into the eye of the beholder. roxy_ladies_boho_babe_underwire_cami_bikini_arjx2036_kvj6_1_h

Victorias Secret

Victoria has nothing to prove and opts for super-classic cuts and refined styles for the sophisticated amongst us. They also have a patterned selection for those who long to bring their Indian adventure with them everywhere (without the Ali Baba pants). 1


Tassles! Be part of the winds and tides with bikinis that shriek elegance and style. Edward Scissorhands was in the designer’s studio, ensuring skin is showing in all the right places. 6920-0-0_1


The surfer girl who boasts a Jets collection will ooze class and leave more than a few surfer boys trembling in her wake. Power bikinis for the woman who wears a massive silver collar to the beach, and patterns that will scare even the hungriest shark. Their floral one-piece is a work of art that takes the viewer to a colourful garden of Eden. Beware of the fruit! POS593


Probably our favourite for the season, Maaji have gone for intricate patterns juxtaposed by frills and lacy detail that wouldn’t look out of place in a lingerie selection. The contrasting patterns are stitched together with a mastery of aesthetics that look as good as I’m sure they feel. c545ec515397f096637608a4ef89cd00


Islamic and Indian designs, paisley and earth tones are Tigerlily’s speciality and they’ve not disappointed this year. While not as bright and bouyant as the other ranges, Tigerlily have an understated charm that whispers of a woman who is happy to take the road less traveled. T341584ROUG-TIGERLILY-1_384X480