9 Reasons to Date a Surfer Girl

Surfer girls are all the rage right now. From Alana Blanchard to Anastasia Ashley, they’re ripping, stripping and getting more social love than anyone else in the surfing world. And it’s about time.

With ever more women entering our oceans, the chances of having a surfer babe for a girlfriend are on the increase. But why would you want a surfer girl as your better half?

Some might consider surfing a sacred place, somewhere to escape from your day-to-day life. That’s a fair call if surfing is your only respite and the idea of your missus paddling after you sends shivers up your spine. Many surfer girls would probably prefer not to date a surfer guy… the way they get all anxious when she talks to some dude in the line-up. The way they think they have the right to drop in on her waves.

But if you and a special surfing lady share a spark, then there are a lot of benefits in having a girlfriend who surfs. Here are 9.


1. Surfer girls are fit. Nature loves vitality and so do men. A girl who spends her free time paddling into nature’s liquid heart is going to get strong and toned. She’ll also produce plenty of vitamin D, which has been linked to increased libido. An inclination towards a healthy lifestyle is a sexy thing.

2. Surfer girls are connected to nature. This means they have perspective and respect for the elements. Understanding the majesty and inexorable power of the ocean makes a person humble, even if they don’t show it. The beach is a playground and surfer girls love it as much as anyone. Spot a dolphin and she’ll have a happy day. Share a wave with a dolphin and she’ll be stoked for weeks.

3. If you’re dating a surfer girl you have an instant shared passion. Just think, she won’t glaze over when you want to check out the day’s highlights from maxing Teahupoo. In fact, she might suggest it! You’ll never run out of stuff to talk about and can cuddle up to watch Castles in the Sky on rainy winter nights.

4. You will have no holiday wrangling. “If you want to go to Bali this year then I want to go to Paris next year,” becomes, “Let’s go to Bali and the Maldives!” Happy, happy days. One word of warning, you’ll have to compromise if she isn’t into big waves and you are. Like, you can’t go and hang at Cloudbreak for a week and expect her to take photos or sit on the beach. Make sure she gets a few fun ones too. . Oh Coco.

Coco Ho has it under control

5. Your surfer girl will understand your irrational urges, which can include driving for two hours to seek out a right hander that you just know will be pumping. Or dropping all plans because the wind changes direction. In fact, she’ll probably also understand (and share) your ‘special urge’ – the one you get after a good two hour session and feel like a lie down.

6. She is someone you can talk to in the water. And cuts the chances of you getting eaten by a big fish by 50 percent! But seriously, sometimes it’s nice to shoot the breeze between sets and laugh your way through the lull. A quick kiss for luck and you’re off as the next swell wedges up. She’ll watch you all the way to shore, and you’ll watch her as you paddle back out. Joy!

7. If you and your surfer girl have little surf babies, she’ll be happy for you to take the kids to the beach! Other mums might be less so. You can take turns rocking baby pie in the back seat of the car while the other dashes out for a frantic, sleep-deprived session. Really, this is an awesome perk for those of you going the long haul.

8. You know the secret wedding you dream of but can never, ever tell your bros? Yeah, the one where you’re wearing boardshorts and a dress shirt and she’s in a bikini and there’s a pagoda on the sand and close friends and family are seated in rows, facing out to the horizon. And and…screech! Enough. Well, she’ll probably love this idea too. And you can go for a wave after the ceremony, just because you can.

Anastasia Ashley / AnastasiaAshley.com

9. Surfer girls live in the moment. Even delights like Alana and Anastasia are down-to-earth beneath the veneer. When you learn to surf you are subjected to some pretty rough treatment. If you’re pushing yourself to progress this will never cease. The ocean requires patience, commitment and presence. Surfing is a dance and to dance is to express yourself creatively in the moment.

Surfer girls hear the music of the ocean and feel the rhythm of nature’s heartbeat. .

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I found a surfer girl and then two became three…

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