Sunset Sons are an Aussie-UK quartet, based in the sleepy French idyll of Hossegor, in the south-west of France. Between getting barrelled at the queen of European beach breaks the crew formed a band – and what a good idea that was. Their anthemic, propulsive indie-rock has already featured on the BBC Sound of 2015 shortlist and has been selected as one of MTV Brand New’s. XFM and a range of other tastemakers from the media have tipped them for big things and just by taking a listen to tracks like Medicine (featured below) it’s easy to see why.

The boys cut their teeth playing riotous rock’n’roll shows to a rowdy snowboard crowd in the French Alps and it didn’t take long for their haunting, raw sounds to catch on. Sunset Sons make songs that evoke the landscapes where they were written: stretching beaches and glistening seas, jagged mountain ranges and endless skies.

We caught up with them between recording sessions in Nashville, where they’re working with multi-platinum producer, Jacquire King

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 2015_003

Rory, Jed, Rob and Pete – what’s happening? Describe your last 24 hours…?

ROB: In short: .

Sunset Sons has quite a buzz going on, three words to describe your form of creative expression:

RORY: No Bad Days!

From surfing Hossegor to recording in Nashville sounds like quite a trip… what was the turning point for Sunset Sons?

JED: Watching our manager follow our self-relased EP “Le Surfing” up the iTunes rock chart on his iPhone and giving us updates between songs, whilst we played a show at the Quiksilver store back in Hossegor.

RORY: He was like holding his fingers up…29, 13, 7…it reached number 6! That’s what started the ball really rolling. We popped up on the radar of all the labels in the UK and they were like, ‘who are these guys?’, ‘Where did they come from..?’.

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Do you guys get much time for surf trips amidst the commitment to tours, recording, etc? Any tours to, say, the Mentawais planned?

JED: We manage to squeeze in a few days in the water here and there. A few months back we went to the west coast of Ireland (Bundoran) with Steve and Sharpy from Carve mag and SCORED!

PETE: Ben Skinner came along for the ride as well to show us all how deep you can really get (man he gets slotted on that 9”1)! As for upcoming trips there is a jaunt to Bali hopefully…

_DSC7907 LR[1]

Your favourite bands.. or music we should listen to?

ROB: Recently we have all been really digging War on Drugs and Future Islands. As far as favourite bands go, we don’t disagree on much when it comes to playing DJ in the tour van.

Music rooted in the surf scene seems to have a lot of depth, compared to mainstream or music grown from other pursuits (not sure you even get skate music or rugby music. Can’t begin to imagine SUP music). How does the ocean influence your words and sounds?

RORY: We usually draw most of our inspiration from our musical influences, which for us is quite a colourful palette. If a song we are working on passes our collective criticisms (a lot haven’t, haha), it’s usually a winner. This process is definitely a lot smoother after a splash in the morning though.

PETE: I’m sure the SUP community has a few people that could strum a few chords somewhere?

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Your latest single Medicine has a timeless message… I think everyone has had a Katie, or I hope they do someday, because, for all the angst, she makes you feel alive. Who is she this time?

PETE: She is whatever gets you through: a surf, a long run, a phone call home or a tall frosty lager at the end of a hard day….

JED: It’s just our little thank you to that person or those people who were there when you needed them most.

One thing you’re looking forward to in the next six months:

ROB: TOURING…. And FESTIVALS! and also that means we get to hang with Rusty our tour manager BOOOOOOM! RUSTY RUSTY RUSTY!

How can people find out more about Sunset Sons?

You can find out more about Sunset Sons via their website or keep up to date with them daily through Facebook

Sunset Sons brand new EP ‘The Fall Line’ featuring leading track ‘Medicine’ is out March 8th & can be pre-ordered here:

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