Earth and Air 09.08.2015

Today saw a wind-kissed, satin surface for the few who were willing to paddle out early. But a 5 degree low overnight meant that many of us waited until the sun was suitably vertical before getting our toes wet. There was no shortage of waves and some bomb sets kept the crew on alert for the horizontal scratch. By midday the surface was creased and ruffled, with more paddling in and fewer venturing out. By around 1pm Omanu Beach was empty.

Nevertheless, with the tide on the push all focus turned to the wind, which swung cross-shore and then, miraculously, went still. The ocean became a mirror, much like she started the day.

A busy pack surfed the punchy, hollow rights and long-walled lefts breaking in front of the surf club and more than a few barrels were scored. Some giant airs were attempted and a few even stuck.

It was a good day for surfing Mount Maunganui, despite the odd baby shark spotted cruising the translucent walls.

Tomorrow? Much of the same. But 3 degree temperatures overnight will see only the bravest, most rubber-bound souls heading out for the dawn patrol. Got to make the most of it, though, for good times on the East Coast have been sparse of late, for the wave-obsessed. If you’re off to work in the morning, rest assured that we’ll catch a few for you.

Sayonara, peace, goodbye.

Warm up jumps, before the paddle out

Warm up jumps, before the paddle out

Rain and shine at Mount Maunganui Beach

Backflip Mount Maunganui

This backflip nearly stuck. Ripping.

Close-out turn at Omanu Beach

plants on the beach