Onshore, offshore 08.08.2015

We woke up to blustery conditions and wild seas at Omanu Beach, Mount Maunganui, where this journal begins. Where it will end, we do not know. But join us for the ride.

A bright white soup greeted the eyes of surfers checking it it out early. Then the rain came – and with it hope of sweet offshore winds to brush the ocean clean. The waves began to feather around lunch and then the boom booming of regular lines signalled surf o’clock around 3.

Omanu Beach got busy, just south of the lifesaving club and everyone got a few waves. Then a cross shore howler rubbed it up the wrong way and everyone went home to warm their frozen toes.

A couple of intrepid dudes scored the late afternoon glass-off and good on them for their patience.

The wild and windy New Zealand east coast can be a fickle mistress, but when she rocks she can deliver some dreamy scenes. Scroll to the bottom to see the feature image line-up in all her beauty.

What’s in store tomorrow? More of the same, we hope.

Photos by Bradley Hook and Evgeniya Ignatova.

Blustery more than beautiful

Seagulls giving the Canon 70-200 a workout

Lone surfer at dusk
Last wave of the day
Dream line-up
Empty lines at Omanu Beach, Mount Maunganui