Surfboard Fin Art

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If you love having a surfboard that is decorated to reflect your personality then the last thing you’ll probably get around to beautifying are your humble old fins. Often relegated to the realms of purely functional surfboard accessories they can indeed be made to look rather spectacular, should you have the time, urge and artistic flair.

Painted surfboard fins won’t make you go faster, but they always catch your eye. Check out our very own designs below which prove that half an hour with a Posca pen or two make for a tribal transformation that will have other surfers either jealous, curious or both. How often do we present psychedelic artwork to our underwater brethren?

Some artists like Zachary Bennett-Brook from Saltwater Dreamtime turn fins into veritable masterpieces, influenced by Aboriginal art and heritage. Zach’s work may be too fine for jacking into your FCS fin system, but it would look great hanging (or protruding) from your wall.


The creative process of surfboard fin art

Join Zach in the studio for artistry captured in pixels.

Functional surfboard fin art

We gave our own Geniya the challenge of creating a beautiful fin with only a couple of Posca pens and the basics. She did us proud.

What you will need:

  • Posca pen (a few different nib widths is good, fine for detail and fat for fills)
  • Sandpaper (to roughen the fin surface)
  • Acetone – nail polish remover (to clean the surface completely)
  • Clear spray varnish (to seal the fin afterwards)
surfboard fin art

You could end up with something like this. It was her first attempt, so we’re excited to see what she does with the other two. Plus there’s my quad that is looking a little drab. And the longboard…

Some artists really take surfboard fin art to the next level. Hannah Katarski is one of them. Her designs are reminiscent of paisley and will compliment your next surf trip to India perfectly. If you’re not so hot with the Posca pens or prefer to support an artist then get in touch with her (or our own Geniya) who can whip up a custom creation for you in no time.

fin art

More about Hannah

Surfboards are too often left in their factory standard state. Gone are the days when people garnished great love and affection upon their watercraft, decorating them like the magic carpets they are. Well there’s no reason to be normal. It’s time to wield a Posca pen and to give your fins a personality reflective of your own. Whether you draw kooky cartoons ala Dane Reynolds or sexy ladies like early Kelly Slater board designs, the world is yours for artistic inspiration. You could go for the tribal or cultural designs as featured above, or you could simply write down all of your dreams and wishes. At least the ones that’ll fit on a fin or three. And even if no-one notices, the fish will appreciate your effort.

Do it for the fish.