A spiritual practice with Jay Jackman

The South Island of New Zealand is a surfer’s paradise, with swell-rich shorelines and snow-capped mountains for winter thrills. Jay Jackman, surfboard shaper and owner of Sadhana Surfboards, ventured to South Island in 2008 and now calls Christchurch home.

Contrary to what you may expect, Christchurch has a thriving surf scene, centred around Sumner and Brighton beaches. But the real magic lies beyond the outskirts of New Zealand’s oldest city with surf missions to Kaikoura, the West Coast, Dunedin and further down south, rewarding the intrepid.

In this interview Jay talks about surfing, shaping, and life on the South Island of NZ.

Make sure you connect with Jay when you visit Christchurch. Go to sadhanasurfboards.co.nz and check out the Sadhana Facebook page. If you can, definitely stop by the shop for an unique experience in surf creativity: from music to art, boards to home-crafted clothes.