Black and White Surf – The Blake Sands Story

1. “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don´t be sorry” – Jack Kerouac

Liberation 1

2. Surfer Blake Sands went searching for his story, a long way from Great Guana Cay of the Bahamas. He moved to Norway. Getting used to a life of cold and sandy wetsuits. It is a dirty lifestyle. Clearing history, sleeping in frozen wilderness.

Liberation 2

3. Watching Blake roll. A family waits on the beach. The air is clear and he is aggressive. Revolution against the middle-men. Calm inside the rush.

Liberation 3

4. A storm comes rolling in and the world is turning. The cold fills the empty space left behind, when the warm air is rising to the sky. Determined to fill the space between. Surfing since he was twelve. It never gets better than this.

Liberation 4

5. Naked face and cold water. We have holes in our souls. The holes are the hunger for something more. Believe in the story. Even if it has many chapters.

Liberation 5

6. Blake brought what he was. He left what he had. Even on top of the world, it keeps shining through.

Resilience. Liberation.

Liberation 6

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Words by Petter Claesson

Surfer Blake Sands