Clay Marzo is one of surfing’s mysteries. A guy who blew up the scene with a forehand attack that had everyone reeling. Before he turned 20, Clay Marzo was a Quiksilver Young Gun. He was a free surfer. For a time, he owned the world of surfing web clips.

Those first scenes of Clay dropping lazily into round Western Australian caverns, of launching air reverses like they were forehand cutbacks, of extracting every ounce of juice from a wave for his personal pleasure… we’ll always remember him for this.

clay-marzo-just-add-waterIn the beginning, a lot of people thought of Clay as aloof, of being somewhat detached and even unapproachable. Was pro surfing getting to his head? Was he an angry young man? As it turns out, he wasn’t. At the age of 18 his mother decided to get him checked out for Aspergers Sydrome, and the condition was confirmed.

Since then, Clay has become an icon as an elite sportsman who has excelled, despite the odds. He now actively works with Surfers Healing, a foundation helping people with Autism experience the joy of surfing. He also published a book “Just Add Water” about his journey.

Beyond all of that, Clay still charges, especially in heaving conditions at left-hand point breaks. He rides for Superbrand surfboards and, as such, gets to have his own signature sled, made to suit his particular flavour of wave-riding.

Superbrands Mat Cat Surfboard

We like the look of the Mad Cat. It’s got boxy rails, a wide nose and plenty of rocker for critical waves. It’s exactly the kind of board you’d want under your feet in Western Australia or Indo.

You probably won’t be doing layback snaps under the lip metres away from a dry reef, but Clay does, and we love him for it.

Our favourite savant surfer looks as sharp as ever in this video, so enjoy. Find out more about the Mad Cat surfboard model over at Superbrands.


More about Clay Marzo

Find out more about Clay at his website You’ll find lots of information about Clay’s efforts to bring more focus onto Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome through his efforts in the surfing world and beyond.