Russia is probably on less people’s surfing bucket lists than pretty much anywhere on our planet. Even Russians quickly declare that there is no surf back home.

But, as Winston Churchill famously said of Russia, “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

This is true in surfing as much as in politics. A country with 37,000 kilometres of coastline most definitely holds some secrets.

This Russian surf video features surfers Konstantin Kokorev, Sergey Rasshivaev and Nikolay Rahmatov, who head to the Arctic in search of waves. Their journey to the coastline of Siberia takes them to places that are literally as remote and isolated as you can get.

Siberia is where Gulag prisoners were sent, to serve out sentences in the most treacherous of conditions. “You’re going to Siberia,” was the worst punishment one could ever imagine being dealt.

Surf trip to Russia, anyone?

Not exactly the recipe for a surf trip? Watch on and see how Director of Photography, Konstantin Kokorev, manages to portray the region a completely unique light. It looks beautiful, fragile, clean and empty. Northern lights dance at night, while surfers camp upon snow.

You may still never wish to go surfing in Russia – and the locals probably wouldn’t take you anyway – but this is surfing’s furthest frontier, the last outpost of our wave-riding obsession. And we’re happy someone is out there, exploring, riding waves, and getting creative with film and videography.

Looking forward to seeing more from this crew.