Alana Blanchard Salina Cruz

Alana goes to Salina Cruz

What’s special about the latest clip of Alana Blanchard and her mate Leila Hurst is that you hardly even notice their swimwear, or fine physiques. In fact, all you can really focus on is how hard these girls rip on some exceedingly fun looking right-hand walls.

Mexico, the land of sunshine, warm water and waves, especially for those willing to venture off the track. It gets a bad rap sometimes but imagine your delight at finding yourself in Salina Cruz, with just a board and some wax.

A Salina Cruz surf fantasy

A light offshore fans the faces of four foot walls that you haven’t yet seen, but can hear reeling down the point.

You wander down to the beach and are greeted not only by sun-kissed perfect waves, but also by these two lovely ladies, who almost certainly surf better than you do.

Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll give you a wave.

This video, entitled Olas Bellas features a soundtrack by Shawn Christensen of the group Goodnight Radio. The song is called Sofia So Far. The director is Gage Hingeley.

How does one get to Salina Cruz?

If this video has you twitching to escape from your life, then join the club. Salina Cruz is a destination to be added to every natural footer’s bucket list. Regardless of your skill levels you can find a wave to call your own along this blessed stretch of golden coast.

First you need to make your way to the southern part of Oaxaca, in Mexico.

Salina Cruz may not be known for being the prettiest or friendliest of towns, but you’re not there for the sightseeing, right? According to Surf Las Palmeras, the local surf camp, there are over 20 surfable waves located along the stretch between Huatulco and Salina Cruz.

This includes the obviously famous sand points that you see the girls tearing apart in the above video, but there are a range of alternatives, including beach breaks and jetty waves. You can find something to ride on almost every day of the year, and if you’re into exploration then you might find an empty wave up or down the coast to call your own.

Surf Las Palmeras says, “The surfing season for Southern Oaxaca begins in March, and can go all the way through November depending on the swell models. There are waves here year round, but south swell season is the best.”

I love checking out a destination’s topography, to visualise the setups and how they might work in different conditions. Zoom yourself happy in this map of Salina Cruz.

Salina Cruz Surf Camp

If you’re going you should hook up with the surf camp crew at Surf Las Palmeras. They’ll ensure you get the waves you’re after.

When you’re tired of surfing you can and should indulge in some historical exploration of Oaxaca. This region boasts some of the most incredible treasures you’ll find anywhere.