Why I love Reef Girls

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Reef Girls make the world turn around. Their sun-kissed rumps are a blessing for all to see. The mystery of never seeing their faces. The knowing that you’ll never know. Their firm roundness is a symbol of life, of fertility, of radiance.

For surfers, it takes us to the beach. The places where such sun goddesses gather to pay tribute to water, earth, fire, wind. The endless dance between life and the elements that created life. The appreciation of our ability to appreciate such displays.

Strip back all of our preconceived notions. Of being politically correct, of being too this way or that. Reef Girls and their legendary bottoms symbolise life. There’s no tacky pouting, or contrived poses. They’re the modern equivalent of ancient fertility statues.

We’ve appreciated the feminine form forever, and long may we never stop. The radiance of the young woman is something to be treasured, protected and loved. In her lies all of our futures.

Reef capture her in all of this glory, right here.


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