Surviving Paradise with the Kaloea Surfer Girls

When they’re finished charging perfect tropical waves the Kaloea surfer girls aren’t afraid to rough it on a far-flung tropical idyll. As you’ll discover, they don’t just survive – they thrive – and they do it in style. Goodbye Bear Grylls, you’ve been usurped.

Come and join us for a taste of paradise, first in Tahiti and then in the Maldives. If you like Brazilian bikinis then Kaloea have you covered – in the sexiest possible way!

Models: Charlotte Durgeat, Amely Isquierdo, Eve Riviere

Photographer: Raihei Tapeta  @mataiea_lifestyle

A Tahiti Adventure

When not hunting or wielding machetes, Eve and the crew have a pretty good time out in the line-up.

Featured surfer girls: Aude Lionet-Chanfour, Eve Riviere & Charlotte Durgeat
Film: Tim Boulenger
Edit: Eve Riviere
Special appearance: Mihimana Braye

Kaloea Surfer Girls go to the Maldives

If you haven’t had enough (which is likely) then take flight over the Maldives with the team, and dream on.


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