Alana Blanchard in Black and White on beach

4 Dimensions of Alana Blanchard

She surfs better than 98% of all surfers, is healthy and vivacious, looks great in a bikini, and has crafted a successful career out of her passion. What more can we say, except thanks Alana Blanchard – we love your work.

Alana the High Performance Athlete

Alana is a vegan, dispelling the myth that vegans can’t perform at an elite level in sports. During her competitive career she took out six major surfing competition wins, and would still pose a serious threat to competitors if she decided to compete at the top level today.

The Babe in Paradise

There’s nothing quite like a Rip Curl bikini shoot. Except maybe a Billabong bikini shoot. Or that Dion Agius wave pool shoot, with the Russian models.

Here Alana takes us to paradise, with a perfect blend of tropical idyll, tanned bikini bottoms, and girl surfers ripping.

Miss Alana Blanchard can play seductress with the best, but beneath the veneer you know there’s a real person, a real surfer and a girl who just enjoys having a fun time.

Alana, the Home Girl

Alana happens to be one of Bethany Hamilton’s best friends, and was there when Bethany lost her arm to a shark at Tunnels Beach, Kauai, back in 2003. The pair were aged 13 at the time, which is a pretty tender age to confront such savage reality. Nevertheless, Alana continued on her path toward becoming a professional surfer and, in the process, made waves of her own.

In the 2011 film, Soul Surfer, Alana was portrayed by actress Lorraine Nicholson.

Join Bethany and Alana for a tour of their home, Kauai, in this beautiful film by Dan Campbell-Lloyd.

Alana Blanchard, the Artist

Alana is a creator, conjuring up fresh ideas for the world to enjoy. She has her fair share of detractors and stalkers, but she also has a brand that represents the beauty of the feminine, the culture of surfing, exuberance, and life.

When Alana speaks, the world listens, which makes her one of the most powerful people in surfing today.

One thing she is yet to create – and something that will be undoubtedly exceptionally cute – is a little baby Alana, with long-time partner Jack Freestone. Come on guys, get to work.

In the meanwhile, make the most of your youth and spend more time doing what you do. Travel, surf, and share your adventures with the rest of us.

Bonus: watch Alana and Find Your California’s blissful art film over on Vimeo.