21 Videos of Animals Surfing

There’s something strangely therapeutic about watching another species of animal ride a surfboard. Maybe it’s because we genuinely want other animals to feel the magic of surfing, or maybe we just like novelty.

In a few of the animal surfing videos below one gets the feeling that some coercion was required in order to get the animal into the ocean. It’s not exactly a natural environment for, say, an alpaca.

However, in the race to be internet sensations, these featured animal owners succeeded in teaching their pets how to ride waves. Then they went to the effort of recording their animal surfing exploits and sharing them with the world.

Surfing is good for us all

There’s no doubt that surfing is a lot of fun. It helps relieve symptoms of depression and is starting to demonstrate positive results as a cure for ADHD.

While dogs, cats, alpacas and sheep probably have less inclination toward mental illness than we humans, there’s no reason why animals can’t, at least, get a few thrills out of the wave-riding experience. We hope they do enjoy it, because we enjoy watching them.

Let’s get started with the species, besides us, who appear enjoy surfing the most: surfing dogs.

Surfing Dogs

Dogs have been going surfing for a long time.

Man’s best friend will accompany his master anywhere, including  into the ocean. No-one likes waiting on the beach, so it was inevitable that the surf bug would properly bite our canine companions. These guys actually seem to enjoy the surfing experience. They’re not generally trying to bail their boards, or run away from their owners.

As long as they don’t take up stand-up paddleboarding the world will remain a good place.

Mmm, you can smell the wet dogs from here.

Surfing Cat

If you thought surfing dogs were cool, wait until you meet this ruffled little soul. A one-eyed kitten that accompanies her owner everywhere, including into the ocean. Apparently eye surgery made the cat comfortable being immersed in water, so this fearless feline swims, surfs, gets dumped and does it all again.

We don’t see many scratch marks in this video, but I’m sure they are there.

Join us for the world’s most famous surfing cat.

Surfing Rats

These radical rodents don’t even need to surf tandem with an owner. They have their own boards, their own favourite wave size and plenty of attitude. Rodent rage is a thing now.

Just make sure you carry cheese next time you head to the beach, or you could get seriously messed up.

Surfing Monkeys

We share up to 96% of our DNA with our closest living cousins, so there’s no reason that monkeys wouldn’t find the surfing experience particularly thrilling. These guys certainly do.

Come and join Beaker and Spanky the Spider Monkey on their surfing adventures. Someone needs to get these two on a date.

Surfing Pigs

I’ve encountered a few pigs in the ocean over the years, but none as cool as these surfing swine. Pigs are intelligent, cheeky animals and they sure seem to enjoy riding the shore break. Some even like to record their sessions using action cameras – who would have thought?

For them surfing is never a boar (sorry).

Just don’t suggest bacon and eggs after your session. Cannibalism is a slippery slope.

Now meet Kama, the surfing pig, and friends.

Surfing Goat

Yes, you read that correct. Now we’re meeting the surfers who grew up on farms, and things are about to get strange.

Pismo is not just a surfing goat, he actually has a penchant for big waves. While there is some paddleboarding going on in the video below, we’ll let it pass, because this article is all about the animals.

Enjoy watching the world’s only goat surfer, right here.

Surfing Sheep

So you’ve got a whole lot of spare time, and your only companion is a sheep. What do you do when all other options have been exhausted? You go surfing, of course!

If you come and visit New Zealand you’ll see a lot of this. In fact Raglan is 90% sheep surfers nowadays. The whole point is just buzzing with sheep-controlled drones, sheep on jetskis, sheep bikini babes grazing the headland. Rather don’t come, you won’t like it.

But you will like watching this old girl hang four on a few crumbly little waves. Enjoy the world’s  best surfing sheep.

Surfing Alpaca

Once prized for their fleece, alpacas have become highly sought after tandem surfing companions. There is only one in the world at present, so you’ll have to find a friendly alpaca that has a penchant for water sports, then train it not to run away when you make it to the sand.

No-one said this was going to be easy. Which is why there is only one.

Enjoy our final domesticated surf animal: the surfing alpaca.

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