Chris Burkard swimming in the Arctic Circle

Chris Burkard’s TED Talk

Chris Burkard’s first TED Talk, entitled “The joy of surfing in ice-cold water”, explores the attitude and mindset of one of surfing’s greatest adventurers.

Chris has carved a niche for himself in the world of photography by transitioning from action sports into the mainstream – something few surf photographers have achieved. With 2.3 million Instagram followers and over 400,000 Facebook fans, the man packs some serious influence and is making waves of his own, both in terms of creative expression and marketing reach.

Exploring cold frontiers

What made Chris famous is his devotion to exploring the world’s coldest frontiers. On the edges of surfing possibility he has documented surfers riding waves in conditions so harsh that survival is far more important than having fun.

But Chris branched out even further, showcasing his love for the environment with poignant photography highlighting man’s fragile relationship with nature. We interviewed Chris Burkard and he shared a gallery of his images, which take us from cold water surfing through to the sheer joy of adventure.

There’s no doubt that Chris is a genius when it comes to attracting mainstream media attention and his TED Talk proves he has only just begun. And when he grows tired of the Earth’s cold places he can always team up with Elon Musk and lock in a place to become the first photographer on Mars. Now that would involve some seriously intrepid, cold exploration (and there is water up there).

Watch Chris Burkard’s TED Talk

May Chris and his trusty Sony cameras continue to document the cold water surfing scene for years to come. Enjoy his story, courtesy of TED Talks, now.

Bonus Video: Arctic Swell – Surfing the Ends of the Earth

Come and join Chris who videos professional surfers Patrick Millin, Brett Barley and Chadd Konig, as they discover eerily beautiful surf in sub-zero temperatures, in the Arctic Circle.