16 Interesting Facts about Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright is the best female surfer is the world right now and she is going to be back with a vengeance in 2017. Now is a good time to get to know this Aussie super athlete.

  • Tyler Grace Wright grew up at Culburra Beach, a surf spot about two hours south of Sydney near Nowra.
  • Her brother is pro surfer Owen Wright, who recovered from a serious brain injury suffered while surfing Pipeline in 2015. He is back on the pro surfing scene in 2017.
  • Tyler learned to surf when just a toddler, catching shorebreak foamies with her five siblings, all of whom were taught to surf by their father.
  • Tyler’s dad, who now lives at the legendary right-hander, Lennox Head, still surfs every day. All her siblings still surf.
  • When asked about her first memory of standing up on a board. She is quoted as saying that at about four, her father and brothers pushed her onto a wave. As a kid Wright would play “chicken” with her brothers, daring each other to take off on big waves.
  • As a child, Wright and her family traveled Australia’s amateur contest scene in a six-bed passenger van.
  • Tyler focused on surfing through her formative years, finishing regular school in year 9, then studying via distance education while competing on the junior pro-tour. She says she would like to study when she is finished professional surfing.
  • Tyler won the Layne Beachley Classic when she was 14, causing sensations on the pro surfing circuit. Everyone knew there was a star in the making.
  • Tyler won the World Pro Junior championship in 2010. She made her full-time pro tour debut in 2011 and finished the year ranked fourth, scooping Rookie of the Year honours.
  • Tyler experienced nearly experienced burn-out from the rigours of pro surfing but the support of her close-knit family helped rekindle her love affair, and drive her ambition.
  • At 22, Tyler Wright is Australia’s 21st women’s world surfing champion. Her victory honoured a promise she made to her uncle, Mark Morrison, before his death last year, that she would win a world title at the last event he saw her win.
  • Tyler is the seventh Australian woman to claim the WSL World Title after Steph Gilmore, Layne Beachley, Chelsea Georgeson, Pauline Menczer, Wendy Botha and Phyllis O’Donnell. It is an illustrious group to join.
  • Tyler wasn’t always focused on winning the world title. But when she decided on the goal she really wanted to win (and did).
  • “She loves to dance on stage. She just loves to have fun. She’s a really fun-loving, heart-on-sleeve person. And she loves the movie Despicable Me!” said former champion Layne Beachley in an interview.
  • Tyler is unafraid of going against the tide and often chooses to surf in full-coverage swimsuits rather than the more revealing items chosen by other competitors (and their sponsors) on the female circuit.
  • Tyler is sponsored by Rip Curl, Monster Energy, House of Marley audio systems and Ocean & Earth surf accessories. In February, Business Review Weekly magazine estimated her income for 2014 at “just below the million mark”.

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