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Surfing & Mindfulness – Why surfing is good for the soul

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Surfing is a fantastic activity that literally anyone can participate in. There is nothing more satisfying than heading down onto a golden beach, splashing through the shallow waters and jumping onto your board to meet the tremendous waves head-on. Surfing is enjoyed by many people and it has had a large following since it grew in popularity during the 1970’s. This particular activity is practised by many for the sheer enjoyment and thrill, but it is also a brilliant sport for those who wish to calm their soul and mind. Why exactly is surfing such a fantastic activity for the soul? These four reasons will help you understand why:

1. Surfing can help improve your focus, concentration and determination

Surfing is a sport that requires skill and perseverance. Most people will not be able to successfully surf the first time they get on their board – it takes time, practice and determination. Due to these facts, surfing is a great way to improve your focus and concentration. You must be disciplined in your training and focused on what your surfing instructor tells you. The skills you learn during surfing can be transferred into your everyday life and help you grow as an individual.

2. Surfing can help relieve stress and tension

There are not many other sports that can calm your soul and relieve stress in the way that surfing does. Surfing is often practised with meditation and there is something intrinsically calming about the sea and the sound of the waves. Being out in the open, feeling the fresh sea air on your face, and listening to the waves crashing down into the shoreline is quite blissful.  Once you have mastered the art of surfing, you will find it hugely therapeutic and calming.

3. Surfing can help you stay fit and active

In today’s modern and often frantic world, exercise can take a back seat and we can become unfit and unhealthy. Surfing allows you to practice something you love, but also to keep fit and active. Surfing uses a great deal of energy and tones many different muscles in your body. You must have great upper body strength to keep upright, powerful arm muscles to pull yourself through the waves, and strong legs to aid your swimming and stance on the board.

4. Surfing can improve your bond with Mother Nature

As surfing is practised outdoors, you have a real chance to interact with nature and improve your knowledge of our world. You can learn more about the oceans, beaches, shorelines and the coastal regions of our country. Furthermore, to become a successful surfer, you must take time to understand about tidal waves, currents and wave timings. The more you surf, the more you will learn and this greater appreciation of Mother Nature should give you a new enlightened perspective on life.

As you can see, surfing is a superb activity with many benefits. It is more than just a sport – it can be a lifestyle and an enhancing activity for your body, mind and soul.

Jorrin MassinghamJorrin Massingham is the owner of Newquay surf school Cornish Wave. Born in South Africa Jorrin moved to the UK aged 9 before setting out to gain skills and experiences further afield.

Passionate about adventure travel and the outdoors, Jorrin gained wide ranging experience from around the world in travel, tourism and outdoor activities through a variety of solo travel, adventures and job roles.

Currently living in Newquay, Cornwall, when not delivering activities through Cornish Wave, Jorrin can be found planning new adventures both at home and overseas.


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