Dylan Longbottom is a name most will recognise as a big wave charger, who has successfully ridden some of the world’s scariest waves. Check this out for a refresher.

After a successful competitive career as a junior, Dylan free-surfed his way into history gaining recognition for his fearless approach to big waves. He starred as a stunt double in the remake of Point Break and pulled off some incredible feats with Laurie Towner in critical conditions. For a moment of Teahupoo madness, watch Dylan share a beast with Bruce Irons.

When it comes to choosing a surfboard, it’s always reassuring to know that your shaper actually surfs. Dylan is one of a rare breed who has proved his mettle in big waves and small. As a shaper, he now produces impressive shapes like the RX5 under the Dylan Surfboards brand. We caught up with him to say hi…

Hey Dylan! How’s your day going?

Very good as I just got to the French Alpes with my family for our first white Christmas.

When did you start surfing and how did you get into it?

When I was 5 years old, by my father who was a surfer and made surfboards as well.

Favourite break ever ridden?

That’s a tough one for me as I got many, but my number one is Apocalypse, Indonesia.

Can you tell us what first inspired you to become a surfboard shaper?

It was being a grommet in my Dad’s factory – G&S (Gordon & Smith Surfboards) in Cronulla, Australia where I was always hanging out from a young age in awe of all the shapers.

What was the first board you shaped?

It was in 1999 a 6’1 performance board that was one of my best boards ever and ended up winning the first ever Air Show in Australia on it.

Who are some of your favorite surfers to shape for?

Laurie Towner, Kian Martin, Chris Zaffis, Charly Martin, Joao de Macedo, Antonio Silva and my daughter Summa Longbottom.

Favorite board you’ve shaped?

Big gun at the ORG factory in Portugal for big wave charger Raphael Tapia to paddle Nazare..11’6’ x 22’ ½” x 4’ ½” 125 Litres

Three words to live by?

Love, respect, give

How can people connect with you and find out more?




E-mail: [email protected]