Vitamin A – Sustainable Swimwear

I’m in Fiji. Coral gardens flourish a short swim from the white sand beach. The afternoon breeze becomes a tropical thunderstorm. Lightning splits the sky with fingers of light. Night time stars and swaying palms. Morning and all is still.

I put on my long-sleeved Cosmo Bodysuit by Vitamin A and dash to the water for a swim before breakfast.

This is one seriously amazing swimsuit for women. It is comfortable enough to wear all day long yet made of sustainable materials. The quality, thoughtfulness and attention to detail shine through.

The Vitamin A Story

Vitamin A was founded in 2000 by Amahlia Stevens. More than 95% of Vitamin A products — including many of the fabrics themselves — are manufactured locally in Southern California. Domestic production not only supports the economy and ensures employees are protected under USA labour laws, but they also contribute fewer carbon emissions and pollution than companies who rely on an international supply chain.

“We believe that in today’s world, style and sustainability must go hand in hand. So we put eco-consciousness at the heart of everything we do, from fabric innovation and manufacturing to packaging and partnerships. We aim not only to reduce our impact but also use our voice to raise awareness and generate change.”

Vitamin A partner with organisations that protect the environment, especially marine habitats (Surfrider Foundation, Oceana, Girls Inc, 1% for the planet).

I want to use my brand platform to be a part of the solution, both in combating climate change and promoting female empowerment.

Amahlia Stevens

The Cosmo Bodysuit

The long -sleeved Cosmo Bodysuit offers full coverage from the front with a medium coverage bottom. This is a great option for surfers who want to protect their arms from the sun. It’s also perfect for swimming, snorkelling or simply hanging around the pool with a sunset cocktail. The design is great for wearing with shorts for island exploration, or even breakfast at the buffet.

This really is a swimsuit for all occasions.

It is afternoon. I’m snorkelling over clumps of coral that the locals have decided to grow next to the jetty. A parrotfish swims by, followed by a school of tiny translucent fish with long noses. I dive deep towards an electric blue starfish and glide along the sandy ocean floor.

Next up is paddleboarding across the lagoon. The swimsuit remains flexible, functional and comfortable. However, it’s anything but boring, with an open back that looks sexy and elegant, with soft ties at the neck comfortably holding everything in place.

About the Material

The swimsuit has exclusive “touch me,” ribbed fabric is made from 100% plant-based raw material sourced from castor beans. It uses a production process that lowers energy consumption by 20% (saving 98 kilowatts of energy and 19 kilograms of CO2 for every 1000 meters of fabric) while the production of its yarn saves 25 litres of oil for each kilogram of fabric.

It is made locally in California, with quick-dry and thermoregulation technology.

This is a good thing because after a fresh coconut I put on the swimsuit again and go for an afternoon surf. The sun in Fiji is dramatic and intense, so I’m happy my arms are protected.


This brand fits me extremely well. I’m 5.5, bust 33.8″, waist 24″, hip 36″. I chose size 6/S and It’s perfect! If you’re buying online check the size chart here.

Quick facts

Design: Great cut, sexy and stretchy

Materials: 56% Plant-Based Fiber + 25% Recycled Nylon + 19% Lycra

RRP: $225 USD

Made in:USA

Vitamin A has been worn by celebrities including Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson wearing Vitamin A bikini

To check out the full range of Vitamin A swimwear visit their website.

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